Conway now in favor of relocating Jefferson Davis statue from state Capitol

06/24/2015 11:06 AM

Twenty-four hours after Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway told reporters he would have to “chew on” the idea of removing a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis from the Capitol Rotunda, he says it’s time for the marble statue to go.

“I believe that the Jefferson Davis statue belongs in a museum, where history is taught, rather than in the State Capitol, where laws are made, where rights are upheld, and where we strive for equal justice under the law,” Conway, his party’s gubernatorial nominee, said in an emailed statement early Wednesday.

Conway was first asked by reporters about the statue on Tuesday morning at a press conference. Conway punted on the idea of relocating the statue of Davis, calling the marble rendering “an important part of our history.”

Others have called the statue a symbol of oppression and white supremacy as southern states examine their flags and monuments from the Civil War after the targeted killing of nine African-Americans during Bible study in Charleston, S.C., last week.

In Wednesday’s press release, Conway said he “will submit a public comment to the Historic Properties Advisory Commission, which by law determines what is displayed in the Rotunda, asking for the Jefferson Davis statue to be removed, and an appropriate replacement considered.”

“I have spoken with some African American leaders on this issue, and when I am Governor, I will work inclusively to complete this outcome,” he said.

Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear has asked the Historic Properties Advisory Commission to review the monument, saying in a statement Tuesday that “a broader discussion of the statue’s position in the Capitol is due.”

Meanwhile, 6th District U.S. Rep. Andy Barr, R-Lexington, joined the voices from his party calling for the statue to be removed from the state Capitol.

“Because I support any and all additional steps that might facilitate healing in our country, I concur in the judgment of state leaders who have called for the statue of Jefferson Davis to be relocated out of the state Capitol building to another location,” Barr said.


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