Conway explains U of L decision, responds to challenger's criticism and calls P'Pool "uninformed"

10/13/2011 07:32 AM

Attorney General Jack Conway said he’s still not prepared to recommend to Gov. Steve Beshear whether to give the go-ahead to a merger between the University of Louisville Hospital and two private hospital groups.

“I can’t say yet,” Conway said Wednesday on Pure Politics at the 5:45 mark of the video. “I don’t want to make a hasty decision because obviously there’s a lot of investment …”

Conway issued a decision last week saying that for open records purposes, the University of Louisville is a public entity and must disclose documents, such as the merger agreement. That decision that UofL Hospital is not privately controlled — as university leaders have argued — “will inform somewhat” the governor’s review of whether to approve it, Conway said.

“All along we’ve realized there’s a significant state investment, a significant state and local stake in this hospital. You’re talking about a publicly funded hospital that was built with public dollars, an indigent hospital, a safety net hospital, a teaching hospital,” he said starting at 4:10 of the interview.

Conway also dismissed claims by his Republican opponent in the November election, Todd P’Pool, that he shouldn’t have weighed in on the University of Louisville issue because of a past $9 million judgment Conway won as a private attorney against the hospital in a 2006 wrongful death suit. (6:20 of the video).

P’Pool made a similar argument about Conway getting involved in any decision about race tracks, such as the legality of the Instant Racing game, because Conway’s father, Thomas Conway, serves on the Kentucky Racing Commission.

“He’s just throwing conflict of interest right and left because he has a campaign that’s flailing, he doesn’t know the law himself — it’s rare I’ve seen a candidate who’s as uninformed as my opponent,” Conway said after the 10:00 mark of the video.

Conway said his campaign finance report will show $800,000 raised and more than a half a million dollars on hand. (1:00 of the first video).

In the second part of the video, Conway answered additional questions about the campaign, such as P’Pool’s criticism that he has not adequately challenged the federal government’s regulations.


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