Congressman John Yarmuth says no more cuts to public education

01/02/2018 03:06 PM

FRANKFORT – Congressman John Yarmuth, D-Louisville, attended a Stand Up for Education press conference in the Capitol Rotunda on Tuesday and told educators to continue to put pressure on legislators to not allow any more cuts to education to fix the pension crisis.

Yarmuth expressed concerns over potential budgetary cuts to things like education which have already been cut to the bone.

“There is clearly a problem with the Republican majority in the General Assembly and with the governor in looking for new revenue sources, and you can’t continue to cut vital public services when the real cost of that is going to be future generations.” Yarmuth said.

The Congressman has been impressed with the work teachers have done around the commonwealth to band together in rallying around the pension issue in terms of what they feel is fair for the teachers, and discussing that with their legislators.

“There is so much energy out there, both in Kentucky and across the country to resist the kind of policies that we’ve seen in Kentucky and we’ve seen in Congress,” Yarmuth said.

Even though the pension is an important issue, Yarmuth doesn’t believe that the pension solution itself, if reached, will not be a huge factor during the November 2018 election.

“Pensions is a very complicated issue and it’s long term, it’s the type of issue that generally doesn’t motivate voters one way or another unless it results in a significant tax increase,” Yarmuth said. “I would say it would have minimal impact unless it’s something that dramatically negatively impacts teachers in Kentucky, because teachers because teachers are a very, very, very important part of the population.”


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