Congressman James Comer has no plans for future gubernatorial run

08/05/2017 12:18 AM

BENTON – U.S. Rep. James Comer, R-Tompkinsville, who lost to current Gov. Matt Bevin by just 83 votes in the 2015 Republican primary for governor, says that he’s perfectly content being a congressman and has no future plans to run for governor.

Comer, who is in his first term in Congress, told Pure Politics at the GOP Night Before Fancy Farm event in Benton on Friday, that he fully expects Bevin to run for reelection and win easily, and he will do the same for the first district seat.

“I’m sure he’s the overwhelming favorite to win reelection so right now I’m very blessed to be congressman for the first congressional district, it’s home for me,” Comer said.

As for Gov. Bevin, Comer acknowledges that he’s had some accomplishments due mainly to the GOP getting control of the House thanks to the President Donald Trump landslide in the state.

“Obviously when Donald Trump won by a landslide and pulled the Republican House from Democrat to Republican and the emergence of Jeff Hoover as speaker came along, that certainly aided in passing his agenda,” Comer said.

Comer generally feels good about his first term in office, but admits there’s been some ups and downs.

“There have been a lot of victories and there have also been disheartening defeats as well,” Comer said. “Certainly with the election of President Trump, it’s brought a lot of excitement. This is the Republicans’ opportunity to govern.”


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