Congressional candidates differ over Louisville bridge projects

06/22/2010 04:17 PM

(WITH VIDEO) LOUISVILLE — Besieged by rising costs, study setbacks and a process slowed to a near stop, the Ohio River Bridges Project remains among the most controversial topics in Louisville.

Whether it be cost, ideas on the need of such a project or a stance on paying for the project with tolls, the argument to build a East End bridge, a new downtown bridge and to re-do the “Spaghetti Junction” in Louisville is very much a political battleground. The project does have bipartisan support in Indiana and Kentucky, but also brings a bipartisan backlash from both states.

That’s why the Republican and Democratic candidates for the 3rd Congressional District spoke to cn|2 Politics about how they stand on the Ohio Rivers Bridges Project and how they believe the project should be funded.

U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth tells cn|2 Politics in a video below that he stands by the bridges authorities original suggestion, which would build both bridges and re-do the junction. And he said he expects tolls would “certainly have to be part of the ultimate picture.” Here it is:

Yarmuth’s Republican challenger Todd Lally tells cn|2 Politics he favors building only an East End bridge, while proposing funding the project any way possible:

—Reporting by Kenny Colston, video produced by Holly Thompson


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