Congressional candidate Adkins says infrastructure spending trumps debt

09/12/2012 05:34 PM

Despite a nearly $16 trillion dollar debt facing the country, the first priority for federal money saved by ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan should be to invest in infrastructure to put people back to work and jump-start the economy, said Democratic congressional candidate Bill Adkins.

In his address at the Democratic National Convention, President Barack Obama said he would use the savings from ending those wars in transportation and education and other programs.

Adkins largely agreed, saying that it’s more important to pump government money into the economy than pay down the debt right now.

“Paying down the debt, there is a time and place for that. As I understand, from the economists I’ve read, you pay down debt in a boom time. When you’re in a time like we are right now in distress, it is less of an issue,” Adkins said (at 4:37).

Adkins also criticized the statements made by Missouri Congressman Todd Akin about “legitimate rape” and said when it comes to abortion, it should be the decision of each woman.

“I am certainly an individual that believes that people have freedom, people should make their own choices. I am not going to get in the way of a woman and her God and make that kind of decision for her,” Adkins said (at 2:26).

Adkins’ Republican opponent in the open 4th congressional district race, Thomas Massie, received the endorsement of Kentucky Right to Life.

Massie, in his recent interview on Pure Politics, outlined what he said is government’s role in health care.

Adkins said he prefers a single-payer system run by the government that would ensure access to all Americans. He said the Affordable Care Act makes some steps toward that goal.

And he said the cost to the states — both to run a health exchange and to pick up more enrollees to Medicaid after 2017 — is worth it.

“I think they will have to because if they don’t do it now, later the cost is just going to explode. Its getting worse every year,” he said (at :13).


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