Confusion and frustration remain on all sides in the wake of heroin bill's failure

04/17/2014 09:53 PM

As the governor leaves the door open for a special session to take up the heroin bill, the chief proponents for the bill in both chambers are searching for lessons learned from the failure to get an agreement before the session ended Tuesday.

Sen. Katie Stine, R-Southgate and the sponsor of the bill, said she didn’t know what else could have been done from her end. The Senate passed the measure Jan. 16, giving the House nearly three months to make changes and negotiate.

House leaders, including Judiciary Chairman John Tilley, say they struggled to find the right combination of provisions to get the bill through the House.

The Senate leaders expected the House to act. The House leaders were trying to figure out what could pass on both ends of the Capitol. And the lack of cohesive and consistent negotiations between the two chamber pushed the bill to the brink. And the House ran out of time before the clock struck midnight Tuesday.

“I was absolutely … appalled,” Stine said.

Here’s the progression:

(Interview with Sen. Stine by Don Weber, edited by Ryan Alessi)


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