CNN host clashes with GOP gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin on live TV

09/09/2015 11:03 AM

Kentucky Republican candidate for governor Matt Bevin sparred with CNN host Don Lemon in a contentious interview on national television Tuesday night.

Bevin appeared on CNN to discuss the controversy surrounding Democratic Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis’ refusal to issue marriage licenses and her incarceration on contempt charges. The back-and-forth between Bevin and Lemon became labored at times.

During the interview Lemon played Bevin a clip from the TV show “The West Wing,” which has gone viral in response to the Davis controversy in recent weeks.

The clip features actor Martin Sheen playing fictional President Jed Bartlet quoting Bible verses on slavery, stoning and other punishments for disobeying ancient laws that are now commonplace practice — such as wearing garments made of two-threads.

Lemon essentially asked Bevin if Davis, and Bevin himself, was selectively applying Bible verses to modern times.

“Frankly, what you’re asking me to do is make commentary on a television program,” Bevin said. “I’m running for Governor.”

“I understand that…but Mr. Bevin will you answer my question,” Lemon said.

Bevin repeatedly refused to answer the question, instead telling Lemon he was “selectively choosing.” Which Lemon retorted, “That’s what she’s doing. That is a criticism of her.”

Before the interaction over the “West Wing,” Lemon asked if Davis was being hypocritical to pass judgment based on religion as she has been married four times.

“All of the things that you’re quick to be snide about pre-date any of her religious convictions,” Bevin said. “I think she should be applauded.”

Lemon eventually moved on from the interview with Bevin, and brought in lawyer and Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz.

Bevin, however, did not leave his set in Lexington instead listening to Dershowitz respond to Bevin’s arguments. Bevin then came back on live TV to argue with Dershowitz.

“You cannot simply disobey the law, and I would urge people not to vote for a Governor who is a law violator,” Dershowitz said.

Watch the full exchange below:


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