Clinton, Trump among most disliked presidential candidates, ever

05/09/2016 10:11 AM

If presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton emerge as their party’s nominee, both would enter the general election as the two most disliked presidential candidates in modern American history.

National polls show Trump with an astounding 61 percent unfavorable rating. The New York real estate mogul has been a polarizing figure right from the start of his campaign, calling Mexican immigrants rapists and drug runners.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is more liked than Trump, but not by much polls show the Democratic politician carries a 55 percent unfavorable rating, in national polling.

“These two are going to be in our faces, and many of us don’t like either candidate,” said Kyle Kondik, managing editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball — a nonpartisan research blog run by The University of Virginia’s Center for Politics.

Political pundits expect a slash-and-burn, race-to-the-bottom general election campaign if Clinton and Trump face-off, with both candidates doing their best to make the other appear even less popular.

“Trump certainly is not afraid of throwing haymakers, and I don’t think that Hillary Clinton is either,” Kondik said. “And there’s plenty of negative material to use against both candidates.”


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