Clinton makes case for Grimes as being better for middle class and fixing Affordable Care Act

02/25/2014 01:12 PM

UPDATED VIDEO: Former President Bill Clinton said Kentucky voters will be better off with Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes than a senator whose main message might be good for a campaign but “is a dumb way to run a country.”

A crowd of around 1,200 gathered at the Galt House in Louisville Tuesday to hear the former president make the case for Grimes in Clinton’s first campaign stop of 2014.

In his speech, Clinton focused on Kentucky’s decision to go through with the health benefits exchange as part of the Affordable Care Act. Clinton praised Gov. Steve Beshear for his decision and compared it to the one facing Kentucky voters.

Clinton said Grimes wants to fix the law, not sit by and “pout.” And he added that McConnell’s opposition to the law “makes for a good campaign, but it is a dumb way to run a country.”

Clinton also pointed to the difference in stance on the issue of the minimum wage, saying McConnell’s hateful TV ads wont put people to work. He also used the issue as part of his message that Grimes wants to help Kentuckians through the position of U.S. senator and not contribute to stalemate in Washington.

Grimes focused her speech on the message of McConnell being at the center of the dysfunction and gridlock in Washington, D.C., saying that McConnell has never looked out for anyone but himself during his tenure in office.

“We need someone in office who looks out for us the way we look out for each other, the way President Clinton did for us when he was in office,” Grimes said.

Other speakers, including Gov. Steve Beshear and Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth, stressed the excitement behind the Grimes campaign and the importance of the race.

“This Senate race is the most important race in the history of the Commonwealth” Yarmuth said. “We have all the energy on our side, people who might vote for Mitch are not really excited about that.”

The Grimes campaign confirmed that $604,000 was raised at the event.


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