Changes to drug laws could come in 2011, lawmaker says

11/22/2010 07:17 PM

State Rep. John Tilley, a Hopkinsville Democrat, said he expects the committee he leads to take up several bills aimed at curtailing drug abuse and making it more difficult to manufacture one of the most common — and devastating — substances, methamphetamine.

Tilley described the statewide struggle with meth as an “epidemic.” “We have to address it in some way,” he said on Monday’s edition of Pure Politics.

He cited two different possible approaches.

One bill, filed by Democratic state Rep. Linda Belcher of Shepherdsville, would put pseudoephedrine behind the counter at drug stores.

Another proposal, suggested by Republican state Sen. Robert Stivers of Manchester, would create a blacklist that would bar anyone convicted of drug offenses from buying key ingredients of meth.

And Tilley explained potential options for the state to increase treatment of those struggling with drug abuse.

The 2011 General Assembly technically begins in January with four organizational days, but bills won’t be considered for passage until February.

- Ryan Alessi


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