Chandler says U.S. involvement in Libya is successful, stopped genocide

07/05/2011 03:30 PM

Despite cries from his congressional colleagues that President Barack Obama had overstepped his authority with the U.S. involvement in Libya, Rep. Ben Chandler, D-Kentucky, said the result in Libya has outweighed those complaints.

“I think he could have done a better job of explaining what he was doing to the Congress. But the result ultimately, as I say, I think has been better than the results in the other instances,” Chandler said. (see the 2:30 mark of the clip)

Those other instances Chandler spoke of, of course, are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Chandler said Libya had been the best operation of the three.

“Libya in my view has been the most successful of the three. We haven’t lost a single soldier in Libya and we have stopped a genocide,” Chandler said. (see the :40 mark of the clip)

Chandler said the U.S. has not had to do the majority of the work of the NATO alliance involved in Libya, but that it’s extremely important the U.S. stays involved in that alliance, despite a vote in Congress that could have condemned the U.S. involvement there.

“The vote on the floor essentially was to condemn what the administration had done in Libya… or to pull out of the coalition effort. Well, if we did that, it would incredibly damage our reputation in the NATO alliance. And that matter is of extreme importance,” Chandler said. “That is the single most important alliance that we have. And if our word is not good in that alliance, you could potentially see the whole alliance crumble.” (see the 2:45 mark of the clip)


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