Chandler, Barr break $200,000 mark in early fundraising, Chandler leads with cash on hand

07/15/2011 02:58 PM

Democratic U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler has more than half a million dollars in his 2012 re-election bank account, but his opponent, Republican Andy Barr, is quickly trying to catch up according to the latest reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Barr has already announced his intention to challenge Chandler for the second time in as many chances, coming up less than 700 votes short in 2010. This is the first report Barr filed since announcing his candidacy in June.

The reports cover from April to the end of June, meaning Barr had only three weeks to raise money for the July report.

According to Chandler’s report, the Sixth District congressman raised $228,727 during the July reporting period, which covers much of the spring. That brought Chandler’s total cash on hand numbers to $561,419 with a year and a half left until a November 2012 election.

In a statement, Chandler said he was pleased with his fundraising numbers.

“Although we had yet another strong quarter of fundraising, my focus is and will continue to be to protect Medicare and Social Security for Central Kentuckians,” Chandler said in the release. “Politically, my focus and the focus of every Democrat should be on the Governor’s race right now.”

Chandler’s July report was littered with many well-known Democratic elected officials and activists, Central Kentucky leaders and former candidates. Most of Chandler’s expenses revolved around fundraising costs, with no staff payroll yet.

Some highlights of Chandler’s contributions:

$2,000 from Britt Brockmann, member of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees
$3,400 total from Attorney General Jack Conway, between primary and general.
$1,000 from James Hardymon, former Lexmark director.
$250 from state Auditor Crit Luallen.
$4,500 total from Jerry Lundergan, between primary and general.
$2,000 from Bruce Lundsford.

And Chandler benefited from political action committee as well. Many of his fellow members of Congress donated to Chandler through their campaign accounts, as did Democratic and corporate PACs. Here’s highlights of Chandler’s PAC contributions:

$1,000 from AFSCME
$2,400 from Almost Family
$5,000 from AMERIPAC
$1,000 from AT&T
$3,000 from Democrats Win Seats PAC
$2,000 from General Electric
$2,500 from Humana
$5,000 from IBEW
$2,000 from Nancy Pelosi for Congress
$1,000 from the National Rifle Association
$1,000 from United Mine Workers of America

Barr reported raising $197,213 during three weeks of fundraising, ending with $202,988 cash on hand.

In a statement, Barr said the numbers show a large amount of support for his candidacy already, coupled with the fact that the National Republican Congressional Committee has already made his race a top target.

“I am honored to have earned so many strong supporters so early in my
campaign,” Barr said in a statement. “The people of central Kentucky are tired of
Washington politicians who can’t balance a budget but are perfectly
willing to dictate what kind of light bulbs we can buy. With 9.2 percent
unemployment and a $14.3 trillion national debt, we need a Congressman who
will fight for jobs and economic recovery by cutting spending and getting
the government out of the way.”

Barr’s donations come from many traditional Republican donors and some Tea Party-affiliated donors. Some highlights of Barr’s contributions are below:

$5,000 from Marion and Terry Forcht
$250 from Kathy Stocks, Bill Johnson campaign manager
$10,000 from James and Linda Booth, CEO, Matrix Energy for primary and general.
$2,500 from Robert Trussell, CEO, Tempur-Pedic
$2,000 from Walter Gross III, G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co.
$500 from James Hardymon

Barr also received political action committee money from Republican members of Congress and the Citizens United PAC. Some highlight of Barr’s PACs contributions are below.

$5,000 from Citizens United
$1,000 from Continuing a Majority Party PAC
$5,000 from Every Republican is Crucial PAC (U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor’s PAC)
$2,500 from International Coal Group
$1,000 from Prosperity PAC

Like Chandler, most of Barr’s expenses related to fundraising events and compliance software.

-Reporting by Kenny Colston


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