Bipartisan agreement about infrastructure needs yields no agreement

11/05/2011 03:04 PM

In Washington, Republicans and Democrats say they both understand that bridges are stressed and crumbling across the country.

In Kentucky, the Sherman Minton Bridge that carries I-64 traffic across the Ohio River to Louisville stands empty as its cracked steel beams are repaired. The Brent Spence Bridge between Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati is classified as “functionally obsolete.”

Yet, this week, Republican and Democratic senators turned down each others’ proposals to deal with it.

Congress still has a chance to deal with this early next year when the federal highway bill comes up for re-authorization. But lawmakers from both parties have said that building infrastructure can help put Americans to work while strengthening the nation’s transportation system. Because, as one Democratic senator said, it’s easier to find a bridge in need of repair or replacement than it is to get a Big Mac:


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