Bevin talks minimum wage, pensions at community forum

09/07/2018 05:48 PM

LAWRENCEBURG- Things turned slightly contentious during a community forum in Larwrenceburg Friday.

Gov. Bevin answered questions about rural cell phone service, and Medicaid expansion before the crowd began expressing their objection to his viewpoints on part-time work. While Republicans have been touting low unemployment—one woman in the crowd wanted to know how to fix the problem of people working low wage, no benefit part-time jobs. Bevin attributed companies only hiring part time workers to the Affordable Care Act, causing a stir in the crowd.

“It’s an exact outgrowth of the Affordable Care Act, and I’ll explain why,” he said to groans from the crowd. “As soon as people realized if some works less than 35 hours a week they are a ‘part-time employee’ then I’m not going to hire them for more than 35.”

The conversation quickly turned to Bevin’s opinion on raising the minimum wage, which he quickly shut down. Saying he doesn’t support a government mandated increase in the minimum wage because it “stifles job creation”.

“The freedom and opportunity comes to the individual when there is competition, not when the government mandates something that’s not based on reality.” he said.

When the conversation moved to pensions the crowd filled with several retired teachers, expressed their outrage over the proposed pension reform bill. Bevin defended SB 151 once again saying the system will be bankrupt in three to five years if nothing is done.

“In the very bill SB 151, the bill that everyone has been taught to hate and want to see go down. If it goes down the money won’t be there.” he said defending the bill.

Michon Lindstrom

Michon is a producer for Pure Politics. Michon comes to Kentucky from Springfield, Illinois where she served as the statehouse reporter for the NBC affiliate. During her time in the Land of Lincoln she covered the state’s two year budget impasse and the largest school funding overall in Illinois history. Pure Politics airs weeknights at 7 and 11:30 on Spectrum News. Follow Michon on Twitter at @MichonLindstrom or reach her by email at



  • Raymond Hurst wrote on September 08, 2018 09:56 PM :

    We currently live with mandated minimum wage laws in place. I guess according to Republican thinking we should do away with these laws and it will create many more jobs at much higher wages?!?! And the ACA? I don’t understand why Andy Barr and every other Republican law maker in Ky. and Washington feel that poor working Americans should get no help with health care while ALL Americans should continue to pay for health care for our elitist lawmakers and their families in DC and Frankfort. Is this what they call ‘‘trickle down’‘ economics? The rich get the cream but it trickles out by the time it gets down to the little people.

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