Bevin takes part in White House red tape reduction meeting

10/02/2017 01:10 PM

Gov. Matt Bevin, R-Kentucky, traveled to the nation’s capital on Monday to meet with President Trump and other governor’s at the “Liberating America from Bureaucracy,” red tape reduction meeting in the White House.

Bevin tweeted a photograph of Trump holding a red-button lapel pin brandishing a pair of scissors on Monday. The tweets said Bevin and “a few other governors” were meeting with Trump to “discuss his upcoming red tape reduction plan.”

“Kentucky is part of the national conversation like never before, especially as we lead the way in reducing unnecessary and over-burdensome red tape, quickly becoming the undisputed center of engineering and manufacturing excellence in America. #CutTheTape,” Bevin wrote on Monday.

The Governor’s Office sent Pure Politics a link containing the agenda for Monday’s meeting, which is split into two parts: a speech from Trump and 10 agency listening sessions.

Three-hundred people were invited to attend the White House event, according to the document shared by Bevin’s communications staff.

Trump’s speech is intended to “celebrate the achievements to date in eliminating excessive regulations and set his vision for the future of regulatory reform, tasking all Executive Branch Departments to go further and faster.”

Bevin has also been focused on eliminating regulations in Kentucky, promising to cut more than 4,500 on Kentucky’s books upon taking office. Bevin even launched a website in 2016,, which took suggestions on which regulations to cut.

According to Kentucky’s website, Bevin’s administration has repealed 160 regulations, targeted 342, amended 181 and targeted 547 regulations for amendment.


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