Bevin says Ramsey will leave UofL, Ramsey says he will tender resignation to new board

06/21/2016 08:12 PM

FRANKFORT — Gov. Matt Bevin is defending his dismissal of the University of Louisville Board of Trustees on Friday, and says contrary to speculation UofL President James Ramsey will be leaving his position.

In defending his dismissal and partial reappointment of the UofL Board of Trustees, Bevin told one reporter he was mistaken in his assumptions that the governor does not have the power to disband the board.

“I have absolute authority both constitutionally and legislatively, statutorily, to disband any board in this state, I do,” Bevin told reporters Tuesday. “That’s been done time and time and time and time again by every governor that has ever preceded me.”

On Friday, Sheryl Snyder, an attorney with Frost, Brown, Todd, told Pure Politics that the reorganization of the board “raises a very serious separation of powers question.”

The Louisville attorney said a governor’s authority does not extend to public universities and boards.

Bevin may find out just how far his executive powers go in the courts.

Attorney General Andy Beshear, who has contested other executive actions by Bevin, has scheduled a news conference in his Capitol office on Wednesday to discuss the latest reorganization moves by the first-year Republican governor.

While the state waits to hear if the latest move from Bevin will land the duo in court once again, the governor did try and put to rest rumors that Ramsey will remain at the University of Louisville.

Bevin told reporters that he “expects there will be a new president” at UofL. The governor, who resides in Louisville, said he based his remarks on Ramsey’s resignation on conversations with the outgoing president.

“He too is looking for a fresh start. It’s what I’m looking for. It’s what this board is looking for. This university will be best be served by a change in administration and a change at the board,” he said.

Ramsey released his own statement on Tuesday evening, saying he respects and applauds Governor Bevin’s actions to reconstitute the University of Louisville Board of Trustees.

“As I previously told the Governor, I will offer my resignation to the newly constituted board,” Ramsey said. “While I am happy to assist the new board in any way possible with the transition, I have no desire, and do not intend, to be President of the University of Louisville beyond the next academic year.”

Watch Bevin’s full interaction with reporters on the UofL decision in the video below.


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