Bevin's closing pitch to GOP primary voters: Pick me because McConnell won't win in November

04/23/2014 05:45 PM

CARROLLTON — Matt Bevin is continuing to crisscross Kentucky trying to convince Republican voters a dozen at time that he is their only hope to keep the U.S. Senate seat from Democrats.

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, Bevin says, has “no chance of winning in November.”

“It’s why I’ve got to win this nomination in the primary,” Bevin said. “We will lose this seat in the General Election if Mitch McConnell is the nominee. There is such a weariness for him. There is such a fatigue for him that people will just not turn out. And by not turning out she wins by default.”

A New York Times poll released on Wednesday shows Grimes beating Bevin in a hypothetical match up by six percentage points.

Bevin has been making small campaign meet-and-greet pit stops across the state in recent weeks — similar to the approach U.S. Sen. Rand Paul employed in 2010 when he bested Trey Grayson for the GOP nomination.

That strategy continued on Wednesday with lunch at Hometown Pizza in Carrollton where he stopped to talk to 15 people who came to hear him speak.

But Bevin has faced a bit more skepticism than what Paul did four years ago. For instance, the first question Bevin fielded at Wednsday’s event was about the reference to MIT on his LinkedIn page last year. Here’s how he responded:

As the Courier-Journal’s Joe Gerth noted earlier this week Bevin’s LinkedIn page did list Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the education section. And Bevin’s page did change since last year. It now reads “School of Life” next to educaiton.

In a recent ad, Bevin’s children appeared defending their dad saying that McConnell was “telling a bunch of lies about my dad. Don’t be fooled.”

The McConnell campaign answered back with a tweet of their own, that has since been deleted, saying “I was waiting on my Dad went to MIT!”

On Tuesday WFPL’s Phillip Bailey asked a rehtorical question with a healine about the tweet reading, “A new low in the latest Senate ad featuring Matt Bevin’s children?”

Bevin told Pure Politics Wednesday that the tweet was “childish.”

“It’s a shame,” Bevin said. “So, when you see this kind of nonsense where people attack family members — and this from a man who was so outraged when he felt that someone in his family was being insulted in some way. The man’s a hypocrite.”

Continuing on his get out the vote pitch, Bevin said he found solace in the polls — even if he still trails by double digits. Bevin said when he started in the race he was ranked 50 points behind in polling, and now he says recent polls show him 20 points behind.

But that doesn’t matter Bevin said because McConnell himself was further behind in polling to former Democratic U.S. Sen. Walter “Dee” Huddleston whom McConnell defeated in 1984. Besides, Bevin said, the only polling that matters is on the primary election day — which Bevin predicted to be thin at best.


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