Bevin: GOP opposition to Senate health care plan should be wake up call to voters

06/27/2017 01:03 PM

Gov. Matt Bevin offered his support for the Senate plan to repeal parts of the Affordable Care Act, but voiced his frustration with Republican members of the caucus imperiling a vote on the bill.

In an interview on “West Virginia talk radio”: with WVHU host Tom Roten on Tuesday, Bevin said he understood why conservative members are opposing the bill which he said wasn’t very good, still he turned his ire on “mushy moderates.”

“Why are we continuing to subsidize something that is clearly a disaster?”

“There are ridiculous numbers of hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of subsidies that are very much like those that already exist which are in this current proposal,” Bevin said. “And yet having said all that — that’s why good, thoughtful conservative people are objecting, and I don’t begrudge them that — in fact I respect that.”

Still the Republican governor went on to say that the reality is not letting perfect be the enemy of good or better.

“Frankly, we don’t have a very conservative bunch of people representing us from Washington from the respective states including from the Republican Party,” he continued. “What this should be is a powerful wake up call to the working class men and women of America who deserve and want better.”

“It should be a waken up call to them to stop electing these mushy moderate people that can’t even be marshaled when they are in the majority to doing the right thing for the taxpayer.”

There are currently five Republican members opposed to the Senate health care bill including Kentucky U.S. Sen. Rand Paul who says the bill does not go far enough in repealing the Affordable Care Act.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, can only afford to lose two GOP members and still pass the bill with Democrats united in opposition.

Nick Storm

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  • Bill Adkins wrote on June 27, 2017 08:56 PM :

    450 thousand die from tobacco use annually. Why should i get excited about this?

  • Bill Adkins wrote on June 27, 2017 08:56 PM :

    450 thousand die from tobacco use annually. Why should i get excited about this?

  • Raymond Hurst wrote on June 28, 2017 09:39 AM :

    The ACA was enacted in 2010. The Republicans said from day one it needed to be repealed. Now they just want to ‘‘change’‘ it? They couldn’t come up with a change plan in SEVEN years?!?! Now that they have the ability to repeal it they are not even considering that option. Call it what it is, one of the biggest scams to ever be pulled on the American voter. That is putting it politely. I guess it could also be that the Republicans have sent people to Washington who are just not very smart. It is one or the other.

  • Charlie wrote on June 28, 2017 12:38 PM :

    Senator McConnell advocated dismantling Obamacare “Root and Branch” but it seems the new bill keeps the roots and only prunes a few branches that will certainly grow back very quickly. They should pass a full repeal and then figure out how to help those Americans who are truly needy and the few folks who have a very expensive disease no insurance company can touch. Senator Warren let the cat out of the bag yesterday reminding us all the democrats want “single payer” or federal control of all our bodies.

  • Heza Putz wrote on June 28, 2017 10:28 PM :

    McConnell is just waiting for the same lobbyists who wrote Obamacare to sign off on this bag of crap.

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