Beshear urges Congress to take action on road fund before Ky. suffers; stands by same-sex ban

07/02/2014 02:48 PM

Gov. Steve Beshear on Wednesday publicly called on Congress to act quickly on refueling the federal highway trust fund before it runs out of money and strands crucial road projects in Kentucky.

Beshear appeared in Frankfort with U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx Wednesday to lay out the impact of the insolvent fund which requires action from Congress before August 1 or all states will see delayed payments from Washington.

President Barack Obama openly mocked the inaction of Congress on the fund Tuesday when he said there was no good reason for the members have not acted because “it’s not like they’re busy with other stuff.”

While appearing in Bowling Green Wednesday morning, Beshear expressed similar criticism of Congress. He said if Congress doesn’t act to shore up the fund then projects like the I-65 widening between Bowling Green and Louisville could get pushed back indefinitely. Already, Kentucky has had to delay more than $185 million worth of road construction work because of uncertainty with the fund.

“They’re going to affect every person that drives on the roads in the United States if they don’t get off their you-know-whats and pass a solution to the Highway Trust Fund so that we can continue paving roads, building our bridges so that both people can travel in a safe manner and our businesses can move their products and deliver their services,” Beshear said.

Meanwhile, Beshear is also mounting another appeal of a decision by federal Judge John G. Heyburn II Tuesday ruling same-sex couples have the right to marry in Kentucky .

In his opinion, Heyburn said the arguments by Beshear’s lawyers in favor of the same-sex marriage ban were “not those of serious people”.

In response to that Wednesday, Beshear said he and his legal team are trying to accomplish a simple task of finding out what the rules are going forward so that Kentuckians can plan accordingly.

“I don’t remember a lawsuit I’ve ever been in where the other side liked your arguments,” Beshear said. “I tell you, everybody in Kentucky deserves to know what the rules of the road are going to be in the future and that is my sole purpose in appealing this case.”


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