Beshear unsure what laws could have prevented Colorado massacre, says Kentucky will continue to review gun laws

07/23/2012 02:16 PM

While Aurora Colorado joined the list of cities in the United States to fall victim to a mass shooting Friday, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear said Monday he’s not sure what legislation could have prevented the rampage.

Beshear spoke with Pure Politics at an event in downtown Louisville, and when asked if he would look into Kentucky’s gun laws Beshear said he was unsure what difference a change to gun laws would have done in Colorado.

“I’m not really sure what laws could’ve prevented what happened in Colorado,” Beshear said. “We’re always reviewing our laws to make sure that folks are safe in our state.”

Gov. Beshear said his thoughts and prayers are with the victims, families and survivors of the tragedy, but was thankful Kentucky has not had a similar tragedy befall the state.

“Fortunately we haven’t had those kind of events here, but what a tragedy that is,” Beshear said.

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  • Tony wrote on July 24, 2012 11:50 AM :

    Banning high capacity magazines would be a good start. You not prevent a shooting (that would take real reform) or reduce the odds of one occurring but a shooter can do a lot less damage with a 15 shot clip than with a 100 round drum magazine.

  • Paul Hosse wrote on July 24, 2012 07:43 PM :

    Laws? Stop some crazy armed to the teeth? Are you serious? Do you think they care about laws? What would have stopped a nut job like this was someone with a C&C Permit (Carry & Conceal). The wacko may have gotten off a few rounds, but not much more.

    Also, let’s get this straight once and for all, before there’s any further discussion. Criminals and wackos will ALWAYS find a way to get guns. Period. Existing laws need to be enforced and everyday people need to be able to protect themselves. Outlaw guns? Why not, except that still leaves knives, heavy objects, rocks, bat, drunks driving cars, etc, and the thing about criminals and wackos.

    A smaller clip? Sure that would help. So would reducing the caliber available to the general public (except for that criminal and wacko thing again—see above). Stop the sale of assult style weapons? Sure, but a 22 or 25 caliber can kill too (even a pelet or BB gun can harm someone). What about body armor? Not much call for that hunting deer is there?

    Frankly, I think we need for the emotion to simmer down and look at this logically and honestly (which lets most of the politians out).

  • Dan Boone wrote on August 16, 2012 09:02 AM :

    Sign seen when entering New Jersey > “Hollow Point Ammunition Illegal $1000.00 fine per round “ now that means if you have a box of 50 rounds of .22 LR hp from Wal-Mart that cost $3.97 and your caught with them in New Jersey your out $50,000.00
    Now look up Commonwealth of Kentucky, State Constitution last revised > the year 1897. It’s a States Rights Thing. Kentucky has no Gun Massacre issues, Colorado does. The Feds can’t do it all, hell they can’t do much of anything but promise to clear up and fix the things they themselves screwed up to begin with. What kind of person expects the people who Created the Disasters to “Plan solutions to prevent such disasters in “ OUR FUTURE” ?? and Vote for them time and time again ? In Kentucky it’s “Self Sufficiency” & “Rugged Individualism” that gets us by in life. If you want to live in New Jersey ? or Colorado ? go for it. I’m in Kentucky where the last thing on my mind is Government showing up to take away my guns. It’s Fishing season.

  • Aaron Ison wrote on December 20, 2012 06:31 PM :

    Guess he forgot about Paducah school shooting in 1997

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