Beshear says revisiting congressional map a possibility to be 'consistent' in special session

06/17/2013 03:04 PM

Gov. Steve Beshear is expected to announce this week when he’ll call lawmakers back to Frankfort to redraw state House and Senate district maps. But in order to remain consistent between state legislative and congressional maps, lawmakers might have to redraw those congressional districts that they approved last year.

House and Senate leaders met with Gov. Beshear last week and as Pure Politics reported the consensus was to be consistent with the data sets and population numbers used to draw the different maps.

The 2012 Congressional redistricting maps counted roughly 8,400 federal inmates, but the House redistricting map that the chamber attempted this spring did not count those inmates. That state House district map ultimately failed to pass the SEnate.

On Monday Gov. Beshear said re-drawing the congressional map depends on what the House and Senate leaders decide to with federal prisoners in the newly proposed legislative maps.

“It depends upon whether House and Senate leadership decides whether to count the federal prisoners or not. When we passed the congressional maps we did count everybody, so to be consistent if they decide not to count the prisoners for the House and Senate districts then we’ll have to re-do to a certain extent the congressional maps,” Beshear said.

Beshear is expected to announce the date for the special session sometime this week. When asked Monday, Beshear said redistricting will likely be the only item on the call for a special session.


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