Beshear says he'll still do PSAs, doesn't want a statewide smoking ban

12/06/2010 07:48 PM

When Republican Ernie Fletcher was running for re-election in 2007, he took some criticism for appearing in state ads for the parks and other state programs.

But Gov. Steve Beshear said he will continue to appear in safety-releated public service announcements during his re-election bid next year.

To end a wide-ranging interview, most of which aired on Pure Politics on Monday, Beshear said he doesn’t favor a statewide smoking ban and isn’t eager to support raising the sales tax on soft drinks, which has been proposed in other states as a way to address the rising obesity among children and adults.

(Kentucky applies the tax to soft drinks — but not bottled water, milk-based drinks or juices — sold in grocery stores and in vending machines. It is one of 29 states that have taxes on soft drinks. But a study from the Rand Corp. this year showed that “small taxes” have little effect on people’s consumption.)

Here’s what he has to say about those issues, as well as proposed school-bussing related legislation and suggestions by both Republican candidates for governor, Phil Moffett and David Williams, to repeal the 17th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution:

- Ryan Alessi


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