Ben Carson campaigns in Kentucky ahead of March 5 caucus

02/29/2016 06:21 PM

LEXINGTON — Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s campaign limped into Kentucky on Tuesday seeking votes and pleading for critical thinking from voters in the GOP.

At a town hall Carson told a crowd of 1,000 at the Lexington HIT Center that the country and his party are in trouble. Carson compared the recent GOP presidential debate to the blood sport of the Roman gladiators.

“It reminded me so much of ancient Rome and the Coliseum,” he said. “And society was crumbling, but people just wanted to go to the Coliseum and see some blood and gore.”

“And I pray to God that we can wake up before it’s too late,” Carson continued. “I actually see signs of it all over the country, everywhere we go.”

Carson said he believes people are beginning to wake up and recognizing what’s happening.

To keep his White House hopes alive, Carson will need more than Kentuckians to see his vision. The retired neurosurgeon has only four of the 1,237 delegates needed for the republican nomination.

The sleepy demeanored Carson, spoke for more than a half-an-hour in Lexington, just one day before Super Tuesday when 661 GOP delegates are distributed in 11 state contests across the nation.

Carson is hoping to drum up support among Republicans in Kentucky who head to their polling locations on March 5.

In his remarks in Lexington, Carson never mentioned his Republican counterparts by name during his speech, but after the town hall he called on voters to make their decisions on “logical thinking.”

For Kentucky Republican voters, to “exercise their civic duty, but make sure you do it in a responsible way.”

Real estate mogul Donald Trump will hold a rally in downtown Louisville on Tuesday, and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio is campaigning in Lexington on Friday.

Watch Carson’s full interaction with members of the press in the video below.

(Video produced by Ryan Huie)


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