Battle of Kentucky nullification laws highlighted on 'The Daily Show'

08/01/2013 12:29 PM

Republican state Sen. Damon Thayer of Georgetown and LaRue County Judge Executive Tommy Turner had their moments in the national spotlight Wednesday night in a parody report by “The Daily Show” on a battle of nullification laws.

Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones sought to parody the Kentucky battle of nullification and tie that into the string of states passing nullification laws despite the fact he said, “the Supreme Court made nullification laws illegal on several occasions.”

The segment focuses on the state Senate’s action to nullify federal gun laws passed after Jan. 1, in Kentucky. The attempted nullification, which never made it for a committee meeting in the House, ruffled the feathers of LaRue County Judge Executive Tommy Turner, who in turn passed an ordinance that stated LaRue County could nullify state laws.

The war of nullifications was first reported by CNHI’s Ronnie Ellis in February.

Jones interviewed Thayer at his Georgetown home and Turner in a LaRue County courtroom where he laid out the bit.

“We feel that nullification is something that can’t be done. But if it can be done, we’re going to do it,” Turner told Jones.

Turner told Pure Politics after the interview took place that producers with the Daily Show requested he answer questions stoically – for editing the segment with comedic effect.

The segment drew a mixed reaction on Twitter with commentators largely splitting their reaction down party lines.

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