Barr requests recanvass in 6th Congressional District

11/04/2010 05:16 PM

Republican Andy Barr has officially asked the 16 county clerks in the 6th Congressional District to re-check their math and the vote totals, which currently show him trailing Democratic U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler by 644 votes.

It’s the third-closest congressional race in the country. And Barr said he wants to make sure there are no problems with absentee ballots such as those coming in from overseas military personnel.

“The people of Central Kentucky, including members of the military who have cast absentee ballots, deserve proper assurance that every legal vote has been counted,” Barr said in a statement. The statement went on to say:

In the meantime, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all Central Kentuckians who have participated in this crucial election, which will have a profound impact on our nation’s ability to stop the out-of-control spending, prevent a government takeover of our healthcare system and protect Kentucky jobs.

Click here to view Barr’s letter to Secretary of State Grayson.

Grayson explained the process on Wednesday night’s edition of Pure Politics.

Barr had until Tuesday afternoon to request the recanvass, which is done at no cost to the campaign or political party. The recanvass will take place Nov. 12. And later that day, Barr could request a recount, which would come with a pricetag of as much as $100,000 to conduct.

- Ryan Alessi


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