Auditor candidate Adam Edelen's ad slams GOP opponent for bankruptcy problems

10/25/2011 05:59 PM

Republican candidate for state auditor John Kemper is “unfit” for the job because of his personal bankruptcy issues, the latest ad from Democratic candidate Adam Edelen says.

“John Kemper: unpaid bills, unpaid taxes, unfit to be auditor,” the narrator says in the 30-second spot that began airing Wednesday evening statewide.

Kemper, a Lexington developer, is under personal bankruptcy protection after using his own funds to keep his development company afloat after the economy tanked. Kemper’s $1.5 million home in southern Fayette County is in short sale and was nearly put up in a foreclosure auction earlier this year.

Kemper and Edelen have sparred over the issue on the campaign trail, including earlier this month during their appearance on Kentucky Educational Television.

Kemper said his personal financial problems allow him to relate to struggling Kentuckians and gives him credibility to warn against the dangers of the state continuing to spend more than it brings in. He has been interviewed numerous times about it on Pure Politics.

Edelen’s ad might be the most TV commercial air time Kemper gets this fall. While Edelen reported having $400,000 on hand on his campaign finance report Oct. 7, Kemper’s campaign showed just $10,000.

Kemper, however, gave back about $1,800 to state officials whom the next auditor would have to audit. And he has criticized Edelen for accepting donations from state employees and lobbyists.

In a statement, Kemper’s campaign echoed that saying Edelen “is the most compromised candidate ever to seek the office of auditor. He’s bought and paid for by Frankfort lobbyists and Democratic appointees and even took cash from employees of scandal-plagued KACo and the Kentucky League of Cities. Independence is not in his DNA, and he’s incapable of being an impartial watchdog of Kentucky taxpayers’ money.”


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