Attorney general candidate Andy Beshear releases plan for Kentucky seniors

09/09/2015 10:49 AM

Democratic candidate for attorney general Andy Beshear is releasing a six-point plan in an effort to keep seniors safe from scams and abuse.

Beshear’s plan calls on implementing a new protection division for seniors within the Attorney General’s Office. He will also establish a dedicated investigation unit and senior protection hotline, among other initiatives for seniors.

The campaign for Beshear said that if elected Beshear will restructure the budget of the office to match his top priorities as attorney general.

“It is our duty to put a stop to senior fraud and abuse in Kentucky and I will make it one of my top priorities as Attorney General,” Beshear said. “Our seniors make up the backbone of our communities, our families, and our Commonwealth and they deserve security and safety in retirement. “

“From establishing a dedicated division that supports and protects our seniors to implementing a dedicated senior protection hotline, protecting those most vulnerable among us is key to building stronger families and safer communities.”

As attorney general Beshear said he would also implement what he’s calling a “senior partner program,” essentially a collaboration between the non-profit community, and the attorney general’s office and law enforcement.

Beshear would also create a “seniors protecting seniors program,” which aims to recruit and train senior volunteers in an effort to get them into the community mentoring and educating other seniors.

“By holding sessions in central spaces, we can equip seniors with knowledge on how to stay safe, as well as boost financial literacy and participation in other key programs, such as the Senior Protection Hotline,” a press release says.

Another initiative of Beshear’s plan to help protect elderly Kentuckians includes an expansion to the senior crime college where seniors can ask questions and interact with law enforcement and personnel from the attorney general’s office.

Beshear’s final tenant to his plan includes a call to better train law enforcement and emergency personnel.

“This includes not only spreading the word about scams and criminal activity as they occur, but also providing training on how to recognize the signs of elder abuse and equipping responders with resources that can help victims,” according to a press release.

Beshear faces Republican candidate Sen. Whitney Westerfielf of Hopkinsville in the Nov. 3 Election.


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