As prospect of government shutdown looms, Guthrie says cutting spending is priority

02/28/2011 06:37 PM

Congress can avoid a government shutdown as long as the Senate will agree to some cuts, said Republican Congressman Brett Guthrie of Bowling Green.

“I think we can do something. We just have to begin cutting,” Guthrie said.

The current federal spending resolution is up on Friday. So Congress has until then to buy more time by temporarily extending the budget or solve the issue by passing an official spending plan for the rest of the year.

While Guthrie side-stepped questions about whether he was willing to vote for a shutdown in order to ensure cuts, he said trimming the budget was necessary.

“We have to figure out a way to cut spending. Is it going to be $61 billion in the end? I don’t know where the Senate is going to go,” he said. “But we have to begin chipping away at the enormous debt that will be inherited by our children and grandchildren.”

The Republican controlled U.S. House approved a budget along party lines that would cut $61 billion out of federal discretionary spending. That includes reductions in many programs and the elimination of some funding, such as federal dollars for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The U.S. Senate, controlled by Democrats, has yet to make a counter proposal.

“They certainly haven’t shown where they’re going to cut,” Guthrie said. “The American people want the budget cut.”

- Ryan Alessi


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