As a lawmaker, Rep. Stacy spoke his mind -- just not about Rep. Stacy

04/20/2014 10:06 PM

Rep. John Will Stacy, D-West Liberty, wasn’t the sort of lawmaker who made a lot of floor speeches or asked questions at every committee meeting he attended.

But when he did speak, it usually was blunt.

In March, for instance, Stacy disagreed with an energy company executive and ended his rebuttal by critiquing the executive’s style of wearing his reading glasses on his head when not using them. During the debate over the budget, Stacy loudly defended the move of the budget subcommittee he chairs for moving a diabetes education program into the department headed up by Republican Ag Commissioner James Comer.

“Tell me your plan,” he boomed at his Republican detractors.

Stacy, though, is more reluctant to talk about himself.

For instance, Stacy has declined to talk to reporters about part of the complaint brought by the female legislative staffers who brought forward sexual harassment allegations about former Rep. Arnold. One of the staff members worked for Stacy when he served as House whip and said Stacy at the time dismissed her complaints about Arnold’s inappropriate actions.

After 22 years in the House, Stacy is retiring. His former district — which used to include Morgan and Menifee counties and parts of Rowan and Wolfe counties — got combined into a district that includes fellow Democratic Rep. Hubie Collins’ home county of Johnson County. So Stacy, whose hometown of West Liberty is still rebuilding after the 2012 tornado, decided to retire.

_(This is the eighth in a series of the 10 lawmakers who are not seeking re-election or are running for offices this fall outside of the legislature.)
_ – Profile by Don Weber


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