Andy Beshear turns in huge fundraising report in atty. general race; ag. commish fundraising staying steady

04/22/2015 04:28 PM

The 32-day pre-primary fundraising reports are coming in and Democratic attorney general candidate Andy Beshear continues to bundle cash for his campaign coffers as he faces no primary opposition in May.

Beshear has ballooned his fundraising total to $1.93 million so far in the race. According to his campaign, Beshear will report $1.5 million in cash-on-hand with $356,130 raised during this period.

During 2014, Beshear raised more than $1.2 million dollars, outpacing most of the GOP gubernatorial candidates in their race.

On the Republican side of the attorney general race, state Sen. Whitney Westerfield of Hopkinsville raised more than $64,000 in the period. Heading into the final four weeks Westerfield has $60,000 in cash-on-hand.

“I’m pleased with our fundraising at this stage of the campaign, particularly since I spent most of the quarter focused on my work in the Senate, passing comprehensive heroin and dating violence legislation,” he said.

Westerfield went on to say that it’s “not a surprise to see Andy Beshear continue raising enough to beat or compete with gubernatorial campaign reports since he can use the sitting governor as fundraiser-in-chief.”

“The younger Beshear is going to need every penny to explain away his lack of experience and how Kentucky can trust him not to follow in the footsteps of his father embracing President Obama on energy and healthcare policies,” Westerfield said.

Beshear’s communications director Galia Slayen said Beshear’s focus in the race is on “building stronger families and safer communities across the Commonwealth by addressing Kentucky’s epidemic levels of child abuse and ending the spread of heroin.”

“Those are Andy’s priorities and those are what he will continue to focus on,” she said.

Westerfield faces Lawrence County Attorney Mike Hogan in the primary election, who is reporting $5,400 raised so-far. Hogan has already spent nearly $4,000 in the race leaving him with little more than $1,400 in the bank.

In a phone interview, Hogan told Pure Politics he has self-funded most of his previous races and he anticipates to write himself a check before the 15-day pre-primary report. When in studio in January, Hogan said he expected to need $250,000 for the primary — a number he thinks he will still achieve, though so far his “expectations have not been met.”

Hogan said his campaign was forced to cancel three eastern Kentucky fundraisers because of the winter weather and subsequent flooding this winter. The eastern Kentucky prosecutor is planning to unload whatever cash is in his piggy bank come the week before the election.

Agriculture commissioner reports

In the GOP primary for the open agriculture commissioner’s seat Georgetown Rep. Ryan Quarles is outpacing Paducah Rep. Richard Heath in the race to grab campaign cash.

Quarles is reporting more than $105,000 raised so-far during the Election cycle. In this reporting period Quarles raised more than $82,000, and has more than $90,000 in cash-on-hand.

Heath raised more than $61,000 in the fundraising period after entering the race in the days before the filing deadline in January. Heath enters the final month of the primary with more than $49,000 in cash-on-hand.

Democratic agriculture commissioner candidate Jean-Marie Lawson Spann does not face a primary opponent, but has been playing host to some fundraisers. Lawson Spann has raised more than $132,000 in the election cycle with $29,515 raised in this quarter, according to her campaign.

Lawson Spann has $93,000 in cash-on-hand in her campaign account.


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