Andy Barr joins Ben Chandler on the airwaves

08/25/2010 07:16 AM

Republican congressional candidate Andy Barr, who is seeking to unseat 6th District U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler, began airing his first ad of the general election Wednesday.

Barr went with a television-themed commercial in which the male narrator suggests to views that they “change the channel” away from “career politicians failing us, trillion dollar bailouts, deficit spending.”

The television screens in the ad show pictures of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Barack Obama, who have been frequent targets of Republicans during this election cycle, but the announcer doesn’t name them. Chandler, a Democrat seeking his fourth full term, isn’t mentioned or pictured in the ad.

Later in the commercial, a female announcer introduces Barr as someone who will push for a balanced federal budget and will vote against a cap and trade bill, which is legislation aimed at curtailing greenhouse gasses using energy credits that industries can buy and sell. Chandler voted for such a bill last summer.

Here it is:

Chandler, who started this summer with a $1.7 million warchest, was the first Kentucky candidate on the air with commercials and is now running his second one.

The Republicans have targeted Chandler as one of several dozen Democrats in districts that voted for Republican presidential candidate John McCain over Obama in 2008. The National Republican Congressional Committee has pledged to spend money in the district to help Barr, although that group’s ads haven’t begun yet.

- Ryan Alessi


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