Amended informed consent bill could pass full Senate on Monday

01/29/2016 11:35 AM

FRANKFORT – Senate Bill 4, which would require women seeking an abortion to consult with a physician 24 hours before the procedure, will come to the full Senate floor for concurrence on Monday.

SB 4, which was passed by the House on Thursday evening, added an option for telemedicine, meaning women would either use their phone or telephone to meet in person with medical staff before having an abortion.

Senate President Robert Stivers, R-Manchester, feels reasonably confident that the amended bill will be passed on the Senate floor Monday.

“We were in conversation last night with Jeff Hoover, and I was in conversations with Julie Raque Adams, the sponsor of the bill, and we were looking to get a hold of the concerned parties,” Stivers said. “I know they were being forwarded a copy of the amended bill. The bill will be here and I think we will vote to concur.”

Stivers admits that he was surprised that SB 4 was taken up and passed by the House relatively early in the session but he feels that it’s the result of the changing political makeup of the House.

“I think you are seeing the confluence of political pressures coming together in the House that for so long the Speaker and a small group kept pro-life bills bottled up,” Stivers said. “There has become such huge political pressure on them and with the balance of the House that they are having to change their method of business.”

Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown, noted the historic significance of passing pro-life legislation in the General Assembly calling it “a major victory for the unborn here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

“It’s been 12 years since a pro-life bill has made it through the House of Representatives and then back to us for concurrence, and then on down to the governor for signature,” Thayer said.

Stivers is optimistic that other pro-life bills will make it through the House as well.

“If that one made it through, there’s a likelihood that others will make it through,” Stivers said.


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