Alvarado files civil suit against Palmer for defamation

10/27/2014 10:18 AM

UPDATED: Republican state Senate candidate Dr. Ralph Alvarado filed a civil defamation suit against his Democratic opponent Senate Minority Floor Leader R.J. Palmer over an ad running in the district.

The ad which began airing last week essentially calls Alvarado a drug dealer using edited 2010 courtroom footage.

On Monday morning Alvarado’s attorney, Christopher Hunt, filed a complaint in Clark County Court against Palmer, his reelection campaign, and Democratic consultant Dale Emmons.

The complaint cites falsehoods in the ad including “deliberately editing video to change the context ad facts involved and also by deliberately ignoring easily-obtainable facts that would disprove the claims made in the advertisement in question.”

Download the full complaint here: Alvarado v Palmer Complaint.pdf

Hunt released a statement on behalf of Alvarado on Monday saying he “reluctantly been forced to file a lawsuit today against State Senator R.J. Palmer and his campaign consultant, Dale Emmons. Sen. Palmer and his campaign have chosen to engage in political tactics that cannot be tolerated in a free Republic.”

“These tactics include deliberately and maliciously making claims
about Dr. Alvarado they know to be false, including charges of
running a criminal enterprise often referred to as a “pill mill.” In
doing this, Sen. Palmer and Mr. Emmons sought to support their
false and misleading claims by deliberately doctoring courtroom
video from a case that did not involve Dr. Alvarado in any way.
Dr. Alvarado is a good man who did not have to enter the political
arena, but chose to do so because he feels decent citizens from all
walks of life need to be engaged in our government.
Dr. Alvarado has chosen to defend his reputation and his honor not
only for himself and his family, but to ensure that others will not
be discouraged from running for office or otherwise participating
in our political process out of fear of the tactics of politicians like
Sen. Palmer and Mr. Emmons.”

An attorney for Palmer said Alvarado’s claims are “without merit.”

“The courtroom video in question demonstrates Alvarado prescribed the defendant OxyContin just four days after the defendant was arrested for attempting to purchase $3,000 worth of narcotic prescription pain killers from an undercover police officer,” the statement reads.

“The tactics exhibited today are a desperate ploy from a failed career political candidate who seeks to obscure the fact he gave OxyContin to a known drug trafficker.”

Download the statement here: Press-Release.pdf

Last week Palmer and Emmons stood by the ad telling Pure Politics in a statement that Alvarado is hiding behind his lawyers rather than owning up to his role in Kentucky’s pill addiction.

“Rather than acknowledging his role in the crippling drug addiction and illicit distribution of prescription narcotics in our community, Ralph Alvarado would rather hide behind his lawyers and try to convince you the issue here is a TV commercial, rather than is owning up to his own failure of leadership, compassion, commonsense and oath as medical doctor.”


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