All Eyes on Kentucky’s Sixth Congressional District

08/01/2018 04:00 PM

By: Eva McKend

A congressional race in Kentucky continues to gain national attention. Will a GOP incumbent with strong local ties be ousted by an anti-establishment Democrat? Congressional correspondent Eva McKend has been tracking the fight for the 6th district.

The race between Amy McGrath and Andy Barr is arguably one of the most interesting Congressional races in the country. Kentucky has not seen this type of well-funded, high profile race in the sixth district in quite some time.

It was a viral video that propelled McGrath to the national stage. WATCH: “Told Me,”

Many now wonder if the democrat, the first woman Marine to fly an F-18, pull off an upset and oust republican Congressman Barr.

“It’s definitely possible but she has an uphill climb ahead of her,” says Inside Elections analyst Leah Askarinam.

That’s because the sixth district remains culturally and ideologically conservative even though Democrats have been successful in the past.

Barr has represented the district since 2013. Askarinam says expect the Lexington native to run on the strong economy and the Republican backed tax law. The stakes are much higher for him now than they have ever been in the past.

“What we are seeing for the first time is that Andy Barr is going to have to run for reelection while a member of his own party is in the White House,” said Askarinam.

McGrath will continue to campaign on fighting for healthcare for all Kentuckians. Askarinam says if she is successful, expect more military vets to enter the fray, “They are able to argue that they are independent from either political party and that they are continuing their career of public service. This is not a ladder for them to climb to the next office.”

Inside Elections says a Democrat aligned with the McGrath campaign believes the only way she can win this district is to over perform in rural counties.

Inside Elections projects House Democrats will pick up 20 to 30 seats and the 6th district could be one of them. That would put Democrats in the range of the 23 seats necessary to take control over the chamber.

Analysts say it’s too soon to predict a blue wave.

Here is how much money each campaign has raised so far:
From May 15, 2017 to June 30, 2018 —
Raised: $3 million
Spent: $2.3 million
Cash on Hand on June 30: $734,000
From Jan. 1 2017 – June 30, 2018
Raised: $3.2 million
Spent: $878,000
COH: $2.8 million


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