After Warren's campaign says they plan to pull Miles' TV ad from the air, she releases a radio spot

10/31/2014 03:28 PM

State Rep. Suzanne Miles, R-Owensboro, has taken off the gloves in her tough re-election race, releasing back-to-back negative ads about her Democratic opponent John Warren on allegations of domestic violence in his past and an alcohol related arrest.

On Thursday, Miles released an ad showing a mugshot of Warren alongside documents that show allegations of domestic violence by the Democratic candidate’s then-wife.

After she released the ad, Warren’s campaign said they would be speaking to an attorney about having the ad pulled from the airwaves for being factually inaccurate because the mugshot shown in the ad was for an open container and public intoxication arrest and was not related to the 2004 pair of protective orders.

Friday morning, Miles released a minute long radio spot where she puts all three of the instances on the table as two men imitate Warren and a friend talking about the prospect of Warren running for office and talking about his record.

With music underneath, the two announcers imitating the men discuss running for office as the man who is supposed to be Warren asks if it is okay that he has “court records” and the other man says “well, Johnny Warren, how bad is it? I mean most of the Frankfort good-ole-boys have done something wrong, haven’t they?”

“Let’s see…my wife had to take out an emergency protective order against me, a judge ordered me to stop abusing her, and I was nailed for public intoxication. Do you think that’s a problem for voters?” the announcer impersonating Warren says in the ad.

“Uh, Johnny Warren, you may wanna consider a different line of work,” the other man says.

The ad continues with Miles speaking to the voters of the district, asking for their vote for her re-election adding that their area in particular knows about the problems in Frankfort, referring to the district’s former Representative John Arnold who resigned from the seat after allegations of sexual harassment.

“We know all too well in this area that the good-ole-boys ran Frankfort for long enough,” Miles says in the ad. “I’m Suzanne Miles, I’m not one of the good-ole-boys and I humbly ask for your vote for state Representative.”

Warren’s campaign again dismissed the new ad as a “desperate attempt to cover up her own record.”


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