Acting UofL President Neville Pinto named next president of University of Cincinnati

12/17/2016 03:20 PM

The University of Cincinnati has selected acting University of Louisville President Neville Pinto as the school’s next president beginning in February, UC announced Saturday.

The university’s board voted to make Pinto the school’s 30th president during a special meeting.

Pinto spent 26 years at UC before joining Louisville in 2011, serving as a faculty member and department head in chemical engineering, assistant dean for graduate studies at the College of Engineering and Applied Science, and vice provost and dean of The Graduate School, according to a news release from UC.

“Neville Pinto returns to UC with a remarkable record in research, innovation, the development of industry partnerships, academic excellence and diversity,” Robert Richardson Jr., chairman of the UC board of trustees, said in a statement.

“He has established a stellar record as a collaborator who can work with community and corporate partners. He will be a great asset as UC launches our new 1819 Innovation Hub. We are also thrilled to bring him home to the university and the city that he and his family have loved for so long.”

Pinto’s exit from UofL comes on the heels of a state audit of the UofL Foundation, which found a number of governance issues at the organization that manages the school’s endowment. UofL has also been placed on accreditation probation for up to two years following Gov. Matt Bevin’s reorganization of the school’s board of trustees.

Pinto, according to a report by WDRB-TV, called his appointment as UC president “a unique opportunity to return to the university at which I have spent much of my career.”

“My family and I have grown to love this community,” Pinto said in a statement, referencing UofL. “As dean of the J.B. Speed School of Engineering, I worked with tremendous faculty and staff, and together we laid the groundwork for an exciting future. As acting provost and then acting president, I have gained a great appreciation for my faculty and staff colleagues throughout the university.

“I am constantly impressed with the quality of our outstanding students. Together, we faced a number of challenges in recent months, but I am confident that the worst is behind us and a bright future lies ahead for the University of Louisville.”

Kevin Wheatley

Kevin Wheatley is a Video Journalist for Spectrum News and covers Kentucky politics and all the goings-on at the State Capitol. Kevin was born and raised in Frankfort so he grew up around politics and has always had the drive to follow the political process and hold lawmakers accountable. Before joining Spectrum News Kevin covered government and politics for The State Journal in Frankfort. You can watch Kevin’s work weeknights at 7:00 and 11:30 on Pure Politics, available exclusively on Spectrum News, HD Channels 403 and 715. You can reach him at or 502-792-1135.



  • viewer wrote on December 18, 2016 02:51 PM :

    I would like to send out my congratulations to Neville Pinto. The University of Cincinnati has hired, as their next president, a world class educator, with an impeccable reputation in and around engineering. The only thing that can match his highly esteemed career is how others view him as a human being and a community minded civic individual. Louisville and the state of Kentucky owes a lot of gratitude, for the time, he has loaned us his expertise.

    A surgeon has a phrase that when they hit meat it isn’t good, but when they dig into bone it is disastrous. I think it is safe to say that we have arrived at that metaphor, here at the University of Louisville.

    This week alone, more bad financial truths have come out at the Yum Center. The ACC, in with the Sporting News, is starting an investigation into nefarious practices by the university’s football program. The University of Louisville Hospital dissolved their relationship with KYOne. A high ranking university administrator leaves, under a cloud of suspicion, with a $1.5 million parachute, and of course, the half-hearted audit concluded from Auditor Mike Harmon’s office. Now, with the departure of Dr. Pinto, which in my opinion is going to be the most difficult, of these mentioned issues, to overcome going forward. His engineering department was considered one of the best in the country.

    I’m a little biased here because I have lost friends in higher education, over the past few years, who have moved to other institutions in other states. Professors we want at our institutions to recruit and train high caliber students for the future. Professors whose families we want growing up in our communities. We need to do more to try and keep the best that we can here, in our state, for financial reasons, for cultural reasons, and for quality of life purposes.

    Friends, I’m going to talk a little bit out of school here. A little more than I usually do.

    We received word, 2 weeks ago, from some associates in Indian Hills that the University of Cincinnati was going to make a strong push to get Dr. Pinto to run their university. That really wasn’t a big surprise, with him being a part of that institution, and with his well known reputation of being a leader. From that meeting on, others and I made contact with public officials, business leaders in and around Louisville and in Frankfort. The troubling thing was that very little effort went in to trying to keep Neville Pinto at Louisville. We sent word to the governor. We tried to set up a meeting with the governor’s chief of staff, Blake Brickman. A senator told me there wasn’t much they could do. A state rep told me he would pass the word along. The effort made here was lack luster, lethargic, and with no better word to use, it was sad.

    How does the General Assembly get in here and try to bring some kind of sense to this madness? I have a few friends left, in the General Assembly, and they all use the same phrases or excuses. Their power is limited. They are not in the in crowd. It used to be Robert Stivers controls the Senate and Greg Stumbo controls the House. Being a big fan of military structure, I understand the importance of command order. I understand how important following the chain of command is in the long run.

    Senate President Robert Stivers has to appoint a liaison to the University of Louisville that reports directly to him and only to him. That is the only way to try and get a handle on this. I will throw out who I would like to see placed in that liaison position, and that senator is Sen. Max Wise from Campbellsville. Sen. Wise is highly intelligent. His integrity is intact. He understands the university systems how they function and operate. In being a member of the law enforcement community, he can pick up on signs of deceit and manipulation by those trying to circumvent truths.

    What corporations, banking institutions, and higher education institutions learn, too often the hard way, is that compliance rules and regulations are in their best interests. There is a reason that a strong compliance team pays off in the long run. That is what I see missing here at the University of Louisville and in most governments, today. There are no checks and balances. Cliques form and people are afraid to speak up against wrong doers. This is why whistleblower laws are so important. I have heard many University of Louisville employees say what they have witnessed for years, but who do you report it to? Then, even worse, nothing happens, and the person punished is the one who came forward.

    If Sen. Max Wise has the time to take on this important role, Sen. Stivers needs to get this approved, as soon as possible.

    At the same time Mike Harmon was giving his press conference on the audit of the University of Louisville, Alison Ball was speaking to a committee about the STABLE Kentucky program, which allows disabled Kentuckians to start savings accounts. I’m all for this 100%, but this is just another example of how Frankfort is dysfunctional and been allowed to operate this way for years. These accounts are an excellent idea, and I am all for helping disabled children and their families. But, how many families across the state will participate in this? Maybe 500, if that. 80% of Americans, in 2014, didn’t have $5,000 in their savings accounts. 80% of us do not have a savings account over $5000. Again, not that this is not a worthy program, but where the Treasurer of the State of Kentucky should have been and was needed was at this press conference about the University of Louisville speaking of ways to help this public institution. We are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars on the line. We are talking about one of he biggest economic engines of the state self destructing right in front of our eyes, with nobody manning the shop.

    Plausible deniability. That is what is gong on today in Frankfort. I don’t think I saw a comment one, from our elected officials, other than from Auditor Mike Harmon, himself. I saw a lot of talk about UK’s big win against UNC. How great our basketball team is. How great it is that Louisville is the home of the 2016 Heisman winner. For an outsider, who doesn’t know any better, they would think our public officials are the best sports wizzes of the world. We don’t educate doctors, engineers, or chemists in Kentucky, but we have one of the best sports factories this world has ever seen. One year in our higher education institution pretty much guarantees them to walk out an instant millionaire. It is a shame, but not all of that paragraph is being facetious. It is where our leaders deflect their lack of institutional control over our universities, which are supposedly there for students first. I am starting to doubt that too.

    A word we will hear a lot in 2017 is convoluted. Webster’s definition of convoluted is very complicated and difficult to understand; having many twits and curves. This is by design friends. Yes, things are complicated, but those in charge, making the big money keep it that way so they stay in charge. What we are seeing today in Frankfort is a sign that the people placed in authority are struggling to keep up. The more the truth begins to emerge, the more extreme measures and risks they take to cover up what has transpired to get to this point. The more people who get in here and try to untangle this web of deceit that has been weaved, the faster we can bring some kind of conducive order to this out of control train wreak.

    If Max Wise doesn’t have the time to be the liaison, or if Sen. Stivers has someone else in mind, I hope this is still given serious thought. This is another time where one has to ask, where was Bob King and the higher education council? Is this agency worth the funds it receives? Are we getting what we pay for? The viewer.

  • AllPainNoGain wrote on December 18, 2016 05:29 PM :

    I don’t need 8 paragraphs to tell you what’s going on in higher education today in Kentucky. The governor has declared war against higher education. He has threatened both privately and publicly the president of every state university. They have buckled every single time because they are terrified of the man. The reality is that since Bevin came along, we have lost some great and some not so great university presidents. Even those who haven’t left yet, are looking. Mike Benson at EKU is doing amazing things there, but he’s mailing resumes out faster than he’s tearing down buildings on that campus. These days no one with any credibility or aspiration wants to work in higher education in this Commonwealth. Bevin has made it clear that he fears nothing, no repercussions. You either do his bidding or he will ruin you.

  • viewer wrote on December 18, 2016 08:36 PM :

    Good evening, AllPainNoGain. My struggles, nor my vision, has you or your crowd in the crosshairs. I have read you, for some time, but I don’t have anything good or bad to say. Nothing you wrote, in your paragraph, is going to change anything, bring anything to light, or was worth the time that it took for you to make your thoughts heard. A lot similar to these people, who get paid, to represent both parties. Like disco, political consultants, one day woke up and realized nobody wanted to hear from them. I’m not saying you are one of those, but you bring nothing of substance to the table. The only thing lower than a politician or a political pundit, is someone who spins their garbage and gets paid for it. If you are one of these that I mentioned, do society a favor and find a real job.

    Going forward into the unforeseen future, it is going to be republican versus republican for the hearts and minds of Kentuckians. The state democrat party has been corrupted to the core. The national democrat party, if not seen as an anti-American terrorist organization, they have to be viewed as a dog with the mange that needs putting down for the betterment of the dog. A democrat, today, is sick. I don’t sugar coat that, nor does it make me happy viewing one of the political parties that has done so much good for this country from our foundation, be in this situation.

    We have less than 90 days before the flood gates begin on President Obama’s administration. I will not get into it on here, and now is not the time to show our warts, as a country. Our friends, in the media, understand and are bracing for the backlash that is getting ready to come, from their coverage, or lack there of, of the Obama administration. If what you are seeing, today, in Syria or your comfort level with your job security, where we are being told 24 hours a day that the stock market is at an all time high, America is back, etc., or if your gut tells you that the hubris of the American spirit has went a step too far with our social experiment, as the old saying goes, trust that gut feeling. We are in dire straits, in this country. People in the know are stunned by how dumb the American public has become. Our media has helped this downward spiral of our intellect.

    On a personal thought, the media does not need to be trusted, even Fox News, on our national security endeavors and challenges going forward, for the next 6 months to a year. I will leave that there for the people who needed to read that.

    Now back to this thread. If anyone tells you that they have law clerked, at the U.S. Attorney’s office, pay attention. If anyone tells you that they worked with or under on a campaign for Mitch McConnell, pay attention. If anyone tells you that they worked under the George Bush-43 administration, pay attention. For Hal Rogers, pay attention. These are the people we go after. These are the cling-a-longs that we must and have to defeat. The old democrat party has been put out to pasture. These federal investigations have just begun. Don’t worry yourselves with the Beshears, Stumbos, the left over Wendell Ford crowds. They are done. We have to focus our sights on the old Ernie Fletcher group. The Hunter Bates, the Andy Barr, the K.C. Crosbie, Scott Jennings… this feel good crowd. This is where we make the biggest difference. This is Kentucky. We fight power with ideas. We take care of our own. We defend the middle class. The Reagan democrats are not our enemies. The Ernie Fletcher-Mitch McConnell crowd is everyone’s enemies.

    Adam Edelen, your new group, focus in on what I have said here. To do this, you have to cut lose of some of your lobbyist friends. The same thing that got you beat to begin with. You have to become more like your father, on the farm, instead of where your mother moved you to the Louisville country club. You have to decide, do you belong to the country club or are you a boy born on a farm? Which crowd do you belong to? Being part of a country club and being part of the farming community sound similar, but these are two opposite realities. To anyone who is buying into Adam Edelen’s new political organization, until Adam Edelen comes out and says where his loyalties lie, you should keep your powder dry. Adam Edelen has a ton of talent, so does Chris Harris out of Pike County. Chris Harris has stood up, to many, in Adam Edelen’s world. Adam Edelen has only done window shopping. Adam Edelen can make a good living by being a lobbyist, and that is his choice. But, if he wants to tell people that he is for the people, he is going to have to make his mind up. Adam Edelen has the same problem that many in his crowd has. They never understood the phrase, or the meaning behind, you can’t ride two horses with one ass. The viewer.

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