A wrap-up of the 2016 Republican National Convention

07/22/2016 07:30 PM

CLEVELAND – Tear down is underway in the Quicken Loans Arena. The Republican National Convention came to an end with Donald Trump officially accepting the GOP nomination in what was one of the longest acceptance speeches in history. State Senator Ralph Alvarado, R-Winchester, says he believes Trump hit all of the marks in his highly-anticipated speech.

“Everybody that’s at home watching this I think he appealed to them,” Alavardo said. “Talked about a lot of things that I think you’ve heard about throughout his campaign. He brought it nicely together.”

Nick Storm and Kevin Wheatley were in Cleveland for the whole week, following the Kentucky delegation throughout the convention. In a special edition of “The Grind,” Nick and Kevin broke down all the action. Kentucky delegates played a big role in Cleveland, from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s speech during prime time, and his battle this fall to maintain that majority in the U.S. Senate. Alvarado also delivered a speech in prime time, speaking in Spanish and reaching out to Latino voters.

It wasn’t all serious at the convention. North Carolina comedian Cliff Cash made the trek to Cleveland to rip on the Republican Presidential nominee. Cash didn’t just have jokes for Trump and the Republican Party. He also had some jabs for the presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“I say that I’m bashing Trump, but I don’t like either of them,” Cash said. “I feel like it’s like two super villains that are going to duke it out to see who gets to destroy the world faster.”


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