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Kentucky nurses heading to Florida to assist with hurricane relief

09/13/2017 01:15 PM

EDGEWOOD – A group of four Northern Kentucky Health Department nurses will join nurses from the Louisville and Franklin County health departments and the Kentucky Department of Public Health in traveling to Florida on Thursday, to assist victims of Hurricane Irma. The team of 10 Kentucky nurses will travel first to Tallahassee where they will be assigned to work in a special needs shelter in the Orlando area. The deployment is expected to last two weeks. The request for the nurses’... Read more 

Boone County superintendent has grave concerns about costs for K-12 education shifting from state to local level

09/12/2017 04:06 PM

FLORENCE – In what very well be a trend in many areas of the commonwealth, property owners in Boone County will be seeing an increase in their tax rate to fund their ever growing school district. Last week, the school board voted unanimously to increase property taxes which are expected to bring in $3 million additional dollars to the district which will bring the overall total of property tax revenue in the district to $81 million. State funding for the district is... Read more 

Completion of revitalized visitor center allows guests at Big Bone Lick to better understand parks history

09/08/2017 12:56 PM

UNION – Visitors to Big Bone Lick State Historic Site will have a better understanding of the significance and history of the location now that a 4-year $210,000 revitalization of the visitor’s center is now complete. Big Bone Lick has been designated the birthplace of American vertebrate paleontology. Huge ice mammals such as the American Mastodon and Harlan’s Ground Sloth once traveled there from miles around to lick the mineral rich, soft and marshy soil near the sulphur springs causing... Read more 

American and Kentucky Beverage Associations fighting childhood obesity with better drink choices

09/07/2017 03:27 PM

NEWPORT – Childhood obesity is a growing problem in Kentucky and the nation, and the American Beverage Association, whose members include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, and other non-alcoholic drink manufacturers are spearheading multiple initiatives that help reduce the beverage calories from sugar in kid’s diets. Susan Neely, president and CEO of the American Beverage Association, who was in Newport on Thursday for the annual meeting of the Kentucky Beverage Association, says that her industry is working extensively at reducing the... Read more 

Confronting food scarcity: Policy and government's role in addressing the full picture

09/07/2017 01:00 PM

Editor’s Note: This is part three in a three part series on confronting food scarcity. Part one can be viewed here, and part two can be viewed here. There are a wide range of organizations throughout Kentucky focused on eliminating food insecurity. To maximize their impact, nonprofits form partnerships, creating a community infrastructure that helps connect people with resources. But their resources can only stretch so far. As a result, support from government agencies is crucial to help widen their reach... Read more 

Dreamland author Sam Quinones talks with Kentucky doctors about opiate epidemic and their role

09/05/2017 02:40 PM

LOUISVILLE — Kentucky has been hit hard by the opiate epidemic, a scourge which has caused large upticks in the number of overdoses across the nation. Journalist and author Sam Quinones knows about the opiate crisis well, he penned a book on the subject entitled Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic. The book has been lauded by many, including Gov. Matt Bevin, R-Kentucky. Recently Quinones was brought back to the commonwealth by the Kentucky Medical Association for their fall conference,... Read more 

County Connections: Cumberland Falls history is as interesting as its scenic beauty

09/04/2017 08:00 AM

CORBIN — When the railroad industry left Corbin, the city’s proximity to two national parks and several state parks and lakes moved the city to a more tourism based economy. One of the more famous tourist sites is Cumberland Falls State Park. Cumberland Falls Park Program Supervisor Bret Smitley said that the the park had an interesting road to becoming a state park. “Mr. Thomas DuPont and his family stepped in and offered on several occasions to purchase the property... Read more 

Hurricane Harvey's impact on gas prices

08/31/2017 01:40 PM

Photo courtesy: Triple AAA

Hurricane Harvey is causing Kentucky drivers to see an uptick in gas prices before Labor Day weekend as oil refineries in the Gulf Coast shut down due to the storm. Business Insider reports that the largest oil refinery in the U.S. shut down on Wednesday due to increasing local flooding. The refinery had already decreased production by 60 percent on Tuesday, according to the Houston Chronicle. AAA shows that the current average price per gallon for regular gas... Read more 

UPDATED: Lexington water rescue team headed to Texas to help after flooding

08/30/2017 03:26 PM

*UPDATE: Despite being packed up and ready to go, a Lexington Fire Department water rescue team will no longer be needed in Texas. According to Mayor Jim Gray’s office, the crew received a call to assist victims in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. However, while waiting to leave Kentucky on Wednesday, they received word that too many relief crews were activated. They will now return to standby status. ——————————————————————————— A rescue team from the Lexington Fire Department has been deployed to Texas to... Read more 

County Connections: Williamsburg looks to become a college town in conjuntion with the University of the Cumberlands

08/30/2017 12:00 PM

WILLIAMSBURG — While the city of Williamsburg has been home to the University of the Cumberlands since 1889, the relationship between the city and town is something that current Mayor Roddy Harrison wishes could be better. Harrison is currently meeting with university officials to form better partnerships between the city and its citizens and the university and its students. “For so long we had the idea that the college stopped at the railroad tracks and the city went on, and it was... Read more 


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