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Attorney General Beshear suing Gov. Bevin over executive order reorganizing education boards

06/20/2017 04:22 PM

Attorney General Andy Beshear is taking Gov. Matt Bevin to court for the fourth time, suing the governor on Tuesday over his executive order reorganizing seven education-oriented boards. Beshear warned of a possible lawsuit June 7, giving Bevin a week to rescind or amend his June 2 executive order that created the Charter Schools Advisory Council and altered a number of other boards, including the Kentucky Board of Education. The Republican governor issued a revised version of the executive order... Read more 

Governor Matt Bevin says he will alter executive order by Friday, June 16

06/15/2017 10:40 AM

Governor Matt Bevin has told Attorney General Andy Beshear that he intends to alter his executive order reorganizing education boards by Friday, June 16, according to a press release from Beshear’s office. Last week Beshear announced that he would give the Governor a week to rescind an order dissolving and reorganizing eight education boards or he would pursue legal action. The letter from Bevin’s office to the Attorney General read in part, “[i]n light of your letter, and due to... Read more 

Lawsuit filed against Gov. Bevin and AG Beshear over medical marijuana

06/14/2017 12:42 PM

Three Kentuckians are suing Governor Matt Bevin’s administration and Attorney General Andy Beshear over Kentucky’s law banning medical marijuana. The suit, filed in Franklin Circuit Court on Wednesday, argues that forbidding the possession and use of marijuana for medical purposes violates provisions of the Kentucky Constitution that protect individual privacy and prohibit arbitrary conduct by the government. The suit says thousands of people “are often given no choice but to use prescription opioids – the same opioids which have killed... Read more 

Rand Paul unharmed after gunman opens fire at members of Congress practicing baseball

06/14/2017 09:32 AM

Update: President Trump has confirmed that the shooter died due to injuries sustained in a gun fight with Capitol Police. The Congressional baseball game is still scheduled for Thursday. U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, was one of multiple GOP congressman practicing for the upcoming Congressional baseball game when a shooter opened fire, hitting U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., and several others according to first hand reports. Kentucky’s junior U.S. Senator was in the batting cage when the shots rang out. Speaking to... Read more 

Two union groups sue to block new right-to-work law, rankling governor and top lawmakers

05/25/2017 03:49 PM

A pair of labor groups filed a lawsuit Thursday challenging the state’s newly enacted right-to-work law, hoping to block the law that prohibits unions from collecting fees from non-members. The AFL-CIO and Teamsters Local 89 named Gov. Matt Bevin and Labor Cabinet Secretary Derrick Ramsey in the suit filed in Franklin Circuit Court, arguing that the right-to-work law violates the Kentucky Constitution. Unions packed the Capitol to protest House Bill 1, which passed the House on a 58-39 vote and the Senate... Read more 

Groups ask Judicial Conduct Commission to remove judge who recused self from LGBT adoption cases

05/16/2017 05:27 PM

The American Civil Liberties Union and others filed a complaint Tuesday against Barren Circuit Judge William Nance and asked the Judicial Conduct Commission to remove him from the bench. The ACLU of Kentucky, the Fairness Campaign, New York-based nonprofit Lambda Legal and University of Louisville law professor Sam Marcosson submitted the complaint, accusing Nance of eroding public confidence in the judiciary and failing to perform his duties impartially by issuing a blanket order recusing himself from adoption cases involving homosexuals. Nance... Read more 

The Chatter: Ex Social Security judge pleads guilty to bribes from former disability attorney Eric Conn

05/13/2017 04:30 PM

A former Social Security Administration judge has pleaded guilty to accepting more than $600,000 in bribes from former disability lawyer Eric Conn as he approved benefits for thousands of the disgraced attorney’s clients, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported Friday. David Black Daugherty pleaded guilty to two felony counts of accepting illegal gratuities, charges that could land the former judge behind bars for up to four years, and agreed to pay $609,000 in restitution, according to the report. Daugherty’s plea comes about... Read more 

LGBT advocates protest Barren County judge who recused self from adoption cases involving homosexuals

05/10/2017 05:34 PM

GLASGOW – Dozens of LGBT advocates assembled outside the Barren County Courthouse to protest Family Court Judge Mitchell Nance, who issued a blanket order last month recusing himself from all adoption cases involving homosexuals. Nance, who oversees cases in Barren and Metcalfe counties, signed an order April 27 that recused himself from such adoption cases, citing his belief that children would not benefit from adoption by a homosexual person or same-sex couple. “People are understandably outraged, to use his words, to say... Read more 

Wet/dry special election set for tiny Kenton County precinct

05/03/2017 05:43 PM

PINER – A mistake by the Kentucky’s Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) in issuing an alcohol license last summer has led to a special election on Tuesday, May 9 in the rural Northern Kentucky community of Piner where a business owner hopes to have the opportunity to once again sell alcohol to customers who visit his store. Sam Pastal, owner of the Corner Market, applied for and received a liquor license last summer so that he could sell alcohol as his store,... Read more 

Pegasus Institute to release report addressing violent crime in Louisville

05/02/2017 02:55 PM

The Pegasus Institute is seeking to address an increase in violent crimes in Louisville with its first research report, calling for strategies that target specific behavior in a small number of repeat offenders. In a preview of the report, the group’s co-executive director Jordan Harris said that the research shows the most successful way to reduce violent crimes is by implementing a focus deterrence model. Using challenges faced by Cincinnati’s police department, Harris explained how such a model worked. “In their... Read more 


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