At the Courthouse Square

Jerry Lundergan pleads not guilty in Federal Court

09/12/2018 09:53 PM

Jerry Lundergan arrives at the courthouse for his arraignment

Jerry Lundergan, the father of Alison Lundergan Grimes, pleads not guilty to all charges related to Grimes’ 2014 Senate campaign.

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Jerry Lundergan to appear before a judge September 13

09/04/2018 01:32 PM

Jerry Lundergan campaigns with his daughter, Alison Lundergan Grimes, in 2014

Jerry Lundergan, the father of Kentucky’s Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes will be arraigned in Federal Court in Lexington on September 14.

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Gov. Bevin joins 15 other states asking courts to limit transgender protections

08/31/2018 03:41 PM

The front page of the filed brief.

Governor Bevin has joined 15 other states asking the courts to reconsider how they define sex when it comes to discrimination.

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Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes' father indicted on 10 charges

08/31/2018 03:39 PM

A Federal Grand Jury has indicted Jerry Lundergan, the father of Kentucky’s Secretary of State, Alison Lundergan Grimes on 10 charges.

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Bevin, General Assembly Leaders send opening brief to KY Supreme Court

08/27/2018 07:42 PM

FRANKFORT- The Bevin Administration and the legislative leaders have filed their briefs for the upcoming pension hearing in the Kentucky Supreme Court. General Counsel Steve Pitt began his brief—using a quote from J. Wellington Wimpy, a character from Popeye. The quote “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” was used as a way to highlight the pension debt the state is currently facing. Pitt argues argues that without Senate Bill 151—the state’s pension system will become insolvent and... Read more 

Gov. Bevin: pension reform opponents are like "drowning victims"

08/14/2018 12:38 PM

CINCINNATI- Gov. Matt Bevin, R-Kentucky, says pension reform opponents are like “drowning victims.” Bevin made the comparison while appearing on 55KRC’s Brian Thomas show, a conservative talk radio station, when asked about the opposition from public employees to the pension reform bill. “And yet I’m being fought, in some instances, by the very people we’re trying to save. It’s like saving a drowning victim,” Bevin told host Brian Thomas. “It’s like somebody, they’re fighting, they’re fighting and they are pulling... Read more 

Bevin Administration files appeal on pension reform ruling

08/10/2018 01:20 PM

FRANKFORT- The Bevin Administration has officially filed an appeal on Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd’s ruling against the pension reform bill. “It is essential that Kentucky’s public servants receive a speedy and final resolution regarding the legality of pension reform legislation (SB 151). That is why, today, we filed an appeal in the case and a motion to bypass the intermediate Court of Appeals and go straight to the Kentucky Supreme Court. Our pension system is already... Read more 

Judge blocks first-in-nation 1115 Medicaid waiver in Kentucky

06/29/2018 04:29 PM

UPDATED: Days before the Cabinet for Health and Family Services was set to roll out major changes to Medicaid, including a work requirement for some in the program, a federal judge blocked its implementation. The ruling deals a blow to the Kentucky 1115 innovation waiver pushed for by Gov. Bevin, which the court ruled would change the fundamental purpose of the program. With a tweet from Gov. Matt Bevin, R-Kentucky, on Friday evening the Cabinet for Health and Family Services announced... Read more 

Judge rules in favor of AG Beshear on pension lawsuit

06/20/2018 02:02 PM

FRANKFORT- The controversial pension reform has been ruled unconstitutional by Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd. Judge Shepherd released his opinion on Senate Bill 151 Thursday afternoon. The opinion rules the bill is unconstitutional and void because the General Assembly violated the Kentucky Constitution, specifically when it came to the three reading requirement and the majority vote requirement. The opinion went on to say the Bevin administration is “permanently enjoined” from enforcing the measure. Judge Shepherd did, however, agree with... Read more 

Bevin Administration files amended complaint on pension bill

06/14/2018 01:54 PM

FRANKFORT- In an effort to toss out one of Attorney General Andy Beshear’s, D-Kentucky, complaints against Senate Bill 151, the Bevin Administration has filed an amended complaint against the three readings argument. The amended complaint seeks further deceleration on Beshear’s argument that SB 151, the pension reform bill, is invalid because it was not fully read aloud three separate times. The administration argues that if this claim is upheld, then thousands of bills would be invalidated because they have not... Read more 


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