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Bevin Administration files amended complaint on pension bill

06/14/2018 01:54 PM

FRANKFORT- In an effort to toss out one of Attorney General Andy Beshear’s, D-Kentucky, complaints against Senate Bill 151, the Bevin Administration has filed an amended complaint against the three readings argument. The amended complaint seeks further deceleration on Beshear’s argument that SB 151, the pension reform bill, is invalid because it was not fully read aloud three separate times. The administration argues that if this claim is upheld, then thousands of bills would be invalidated because they have not... Read more 

Wayne Lewis refuses to answer questions surrounding plan for state takeover of JCPS

06/13/2018 03:31 PM

LOUISVILLE — Citing legal concerns, Wayne Lewis, the interim Kentucky Education Commissioner refused to answer numerous questions at Wednesday’s Louisville Forum surrounding “a plan” if a state takeover of Jefferson County Public Schools takes place. Lewis addressed how he says a state takeover would work, if approved, and why he called for the action. The 38-year old also laid out why he would not be addressing his plan for action to clean up the district if the state is... Read more 

Poor People's Campaign denied entry into Capitol for third time

06/13/2018 02:31 PM

FRANKFORT- For the third time, the Kentucky Poor People’s Campaign was denied entry into the state Capitol building. The Kentucky State Police blocked entry of the protesters, only allowing two in—two out. In response to the lock out, the group led by Rev. William Barber held a rally on the steps of the Capitol. The group says Kentucky is the only state in which they have been denied entry into the statehouse. After the rally, the group of a... Read more 

Shadowy group launches ad demanding action on JCPS board

06/12/2018 01:53 PM

A group backed by a Louisville real estate developer is the latest entrant into the media fray surrounding a proposed state takeover of Jefferson County Public Schools. Kentuckians for Progress, launched an ad buy on Thursday, June 7 claiming children in the Jefferson County Public Schools are being abused, according to documents obtained by Pure Politics. The group behind the attack is not well known, nor is their structure. According to documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission Kentuckians for... Read more 

Common Ground: Hemp

06/11/2018 05:16 PM

It’s being called a“cash crop”—under utilized due to federal regulations—and often confused with it’s psychoactive cousin. Kentucky farmers hope it can become what tobacco used to be—with a new bipartisan push—it could become legal this year. Of course we are talking about Hemp. The charge to legalize hemp is being led by the most powerful man in the Senate—Kentucky’s Senior Senator Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky. McConnell introduced the Hemp Farming Act in March—and the measure quickly gained 27 co-sponsors including... Read more 

Barr won't sign discharge petition to force immigration vote; says he's secured deal for guest worker reforms later this session

06/11/2018 03:41 PM

LEXINGTON – U.S. Rep. Andy Barr, R-Lexington, appeared in his hometown on Monday, before a tumultuous week on Capitol Hill, where moderates in his party are trying to force a vote on immigration before the midterm elections in November. Barr, who is up for re-election in the 6th Congressional District against former Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath, said he will not sign a discharge petition to move the immigration fight forward — rather hoping for a comprehensive solution through normal... Read more 

Biden promotes book, signals further ambitions in Louisville appearance

06/07/2018 09:54 PM

LOUISVILLE — Former Vice President Joe Biden stopped in Louisville on Thursday night for his American Promise Tour, promoting his book, and sharing stories of his life with those in attendance. Thursday’s event in Louisville, Joe Biden American Promise Tour, was moderated by Jerry Abramson, Louisville’s former Mayor, the former Lt. Gov. under Steve Beshear, as well as Obama Administration White House alum, where he served as Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. Abramson now serves... Read more 


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