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Opiate overdose reversal kits now available at three Kentucky hospitals

05/26/2015 03:41 PM

EDGEWOOD — Drug overdose victims at St. Elizabeth Hospitals in northern Kentucky, along with the University of Kentucky Medical Center, and the University of Louisville Hospital will be given opiate overdose kits when they are discharged from the hospital so they or a loved one can prevent another overdose and possibly save a life. The kits, which contain Naloxone, also known as Narcan, reverses the effects of a heroin overdose by physiologically blocking the effects of opiates. Fifteen Hundred kits were purchased... Read more 

Kentucky farmers concerned that new water regs could drown some farming businesses

05/14/2015 05:56 PM

Kentucky’s farmers are concerned that new regulations concerning water could hamper their ability to farm their own land. In March 2014, the EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released a proposed rule expanding the definitions of the “Waters of the United States” subject to the Clean Water Act. The rule added “neighboring” areas; and areas “adjacent” to waters of the United States to the regulatory program which would carry requirements for permitting, enforcement, and mitigation. Farmers in Kentucky are... Read more 

The Chatter: Comer has ‘great deal of confidence’ Heiner campaign offering accusers money; college ex challenges Comer to lie detector

05/07/2015 05:34 PM

Republican gubernatorial candidate James Comer accused fellow GOP hopeful Hal Heiner’s campaign and a group supporting him of offering money to those involved in allegations against him Wednesday, according to a report by The Cincinnati Enquirer. Comer told the newspaper’s editorial board he could not offer proof. He said he’s awaiting the results of an investigation into alleged harassing communications against his running mate, state Sen. Chris McDaniel, by Lexington attorney Michael Adams, who runs an anti-Comer Tumbler website. “Do I... Read more 

Kentucky Democrats happy to avoid contentious primary for governor as they watch the GOP horse race

05/02/2015 10:28 PM

As throngs of Kentucky Derby-goers packed Churchill Downs on Saturday, Kentucky Democrats are enjoying another race that could come down to the wire later this month: the Republican gubernatorial primary. “It’s a lot of fun,” House Speaker Greg Stumbo said of the four-way GOP primary. Gov. Steve Beshear added: “They’re having a good time it looks like among the four of them going back and forth.” This year’s race for the governorship is an oddity, with only Attorney General Jack Conway seeking the... Read more 

Kenton County prosecutor favors tougher penalties for assaulting police dogs with deadly weapons

04/30/2015 11:38 AM

COVINGTON — For the second time in eight months, a police K-9 is recovering from gunshot wounds, and Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders thinks it’s time that harsher penalties are given to suspects who wound police dogs with deadly weapons. Covington K-9 Ernie was shot by a man in on April 23 who was accused of stabbing his own mother in the head. Police responded to the scene, where the suspect wounded Ernie before fleeing. Covington police then arrested the suspect,... Read more 

The Chatter: Former Gov. Fletcher’s aides become fodder in GOP primary

04/26/2015 03:50 PM

Pointed elbows in this year’s race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination stayed sharp on Saturday as Agriculture Commissioner James Comer conjured memories of a GOP hiring scandal that paved the way for two-term Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear’s first election in 2007. Comer, who helped former U.S. Rep. Anne Northup’s 2007 primary challenge against then-Gov. Ernie Fletcher, criticized former Louisville Metro Councilman Hal Heiner’s supporters who previously worked under Fletcher during a Jessamine County debate Saturday, according to reports by The Courier-Journal... Read more 

Comcast-Time Warner merger collapses under federal scrutiny

04/24/2015 04:22 PM

Comcast and Time Warner Cable’s proposed $45 billion merger is no more as the companies announced publicly Friday that the deal was aborted. The deal was first proposed 14-months ago, but regulators with the Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission expressed concerns that the combined companies, the two largest national cable providers, would have too much control over the spectrum. “Comcast and Time Warner Cable’s decision to end Comcast’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable is in the best... Read more 

N. Ky. football coach looks to tackle school bullying starting with his team

04/23/2015 02:21 PM

DRY RIDGE — Grant County Head Football Coach Kevin Siple thinks that training his players how to treat other students in the school with kindness could be an effective way to combat bullying. Bullying is one of the less desirable aspects of students attending school. The act leaves targeted students feeling helpless, depressed, and out of touch, which leads to a number of things such as poor grades, low self-esteem and, in some extreme cases, suicide. Siple believes that,... Read more 

KASAP helping as state implements new protective orders for victims of dating violence, stalking and sexual assault

04/21/2015 01:31 PM

Advocates for stronger protective orders in Kentucky finally got one of their wishes in March as the General Assembly passed dating violence, stalking and sexual assault protective orders. Gretchen Hunt, a staff attorney for Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs, said the 2015 legislative session was “great” though tense at times in the final hours of the session. Hunt credits advocates for leading the cry for help for the dating violence bill over the years, and she praised leadership from... Read more 

Lexington farm family excited about its reemergence producing industrial hemp

04/20/2015 02:34 PM

LEXINGTON – Seventy years ago, the Graves family of Lexington was one of the top growers of hemp in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. All of that changed when Congress passed the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 which essentially ended the hemp business in Kentucky and a part of the Graves family livelihood. However, 66 years later, thanks to the passage of Senate Bill 50 in the General Assembly in 2013 and an amendment by Kentucky Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand... Read more 


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