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Refugees get taste of American tradition with Catholic Charities of Louisville's Thanksgiving dinner

11/25/2015 07:40 PM

For many, Wednesday’s Thanksgiving meal served at the Catholic Charities of Louisville’s campus was their first taste of traditional American holiday fare. The few hundred who gathered at the downtown Louisville church have fled terrorism and oppression en route to the U.S., some with just a single piece of luggage shared among a family of eight. As the country’s attention focuses on refugees from war-torn Syria after a passport from the country was found in the aftermath of an Islamic State attack... Read more 

Schools become the frontline for identifying homeless youth

11/25/2015 02:00 PM

NEWPORT – While many families will get together on Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving, there is a growing number of families who have no full time residence and are classified as homeless. In Northern Kentucky, it’s estimated that 2,100 students are classified as homeless in Boone, Kenton, and Campbell counties — meaning that they have no permanent residence. Tiffany Smith, staff attorney at the Children’s Law Center, says research shows that children who are homeless are likely to have undesirable characteristics. “Any youth... Read more 

Amazon investing in workforce development with employee education program

11/18/2015 10:52 AM

HEBRON – A growing worldwide company, which operates a number of facilities in Kentucky, is taking it upon themselves to better educate their workers, either for career advancement, or movement into another field. Since 2012, Amazon initiated the Amazon Career Choice program in which the company will pay 95 percent of the costs for their hourly employees, who have been with the company at its fulfillment centers for at least one year, to take college level courses related to in-demand fields.... Read more 

Sen. McConnell honors veterans at dedication of Fallen Heroes Sculpture in Shelbyville

11/11/2015 04:40 PM

SHELBYVILLE — The names of 106 fallen soldiers who served in the four major conflicts of the 20th century were read aloud next to the Fallen Heroes Sculpture at Veteran’s Park in Shelbyville. As leaves fell from the trees surrounding the monument and onlookers, the four veterans, including 99-year old former Gen. Ronald Van Stockum, stepped to the podium to read from a list of Shelbyville veterans who died serving their country. Stockum was the first to read from his list... Read more 

World War II veteran who survived attack on Pearl Harbor honored in Williamstown

11/11/2015 03:42 PM

WILLIAMSTOWN – A tradition continued in Williamstown on Wednesday as Grant County honored one of their own on Veterans Day in a ceremony at Williamstown High School. Holton Smith, 94, was honored as the 2015 Williamstown Veteran of the Year. Smith enlisted in the Air Force in 1941 and flew 52 reconnaissance missions; flying a P-38 aircraft while photographing identified locations for the government. Smith had some hair-raising experiences such as, being chased by Russian aircraft that were heavily armed while... Read more 

Kentucky gets D+ grade in 2015 State Integrity Investigation

11/09/2015 06:28 PM

By: Ryan Alessi Republished with permission from the Center for Public Integrity A month after starting to investigate Kentucky’s Agriculture Department, state Auditor Adam Edelen called a meeting for his team to update each other on the transgressions of ex-Ag Commissioner Richie Farmer. Auditors took turns sharing revelations at that February 2012 get-together about how Farmer, a former University of Kentucky basketball hero, ordered his agency’s employees to build a basketball court in his backyard. He had them drive him on hunting trips... Read more 

Rare political document from 1860 discovered and preserved in Boone County

11/01/2015 08:44 AM

BURLINGTON – A 155-year-old voter tally sheet from the 1860 presidential election has been discovered and preserved in Boone County. The document was recently discovered among tens of thousands of records being stored in the basement of the Boone County clerk’s office by a historian that Boone County Clerk Kenny Brown is working with to organize the vast collection. In that 1860 election, Tennessean John Bell, representing the Constitutional Union Party, carried the county with 881 votes, Kentuckian John C. Breckinridge, representing... Read more 

Debate continues over Brent Spence Bridge highway expansion project

10/23/2015 03:06 PM

ERLANGER – Members of the Northern Kentucky Legislative Caucus heard from several coalitions on how to move forward with the Brent Spence Bridge Corridor Project, but left with no consensus of which plan will be the most effective for the area. The ideas included several things which have already been on the table, from building a new bridge with or without tolls, better maintain the current bridge, and improve the flow of traffic by constructing a new eastern by-pass which would... Read more 

Senior Services of Northern Kentucky closing leaves agencies scrambling to keep programs in place for senior citizens

10/22/2015 06:21 PM

FLORENCE – Senior citizens and government officials in Northern Ky. got a shock on Monday when Senior Services of Northern Kentucky, a non-profit which has provided seniors with meals, transportation, senior centers and other services since 1965, announced that they would discontinue all services this Friday because it “no longer had the financial wherewithal to continue operations.” The move left community leaders scrambling to find a way to continue services which, in some cases, have been a lifeline for many... Read more 

State turns old U.S. Army installation into a facility which supports military, creates economic boon in central Ky.

10/09/2015 02:12 PM

LEXINGTON — Bluegrass Station, a 777-acre, fully secure industrial park that accommodates military contractors and supports this country’s defense-related businesses is one of the key economic drivers in the Lexington area. The former U.S. Army installation, which has been owned by the state since 1995, has over 2 million square feet of office and commercial space in approximately 115 buildings, accommodates military contractors which supports American defense-related businesses. Retired National Guard Major General Steve Collins, who serves a director of Bluegrass Station,... Read more 


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