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GOP power broker Nate Morris named to Fortune's top 40 under 40

10/09/2014 04:03 PM

Kentucky Republican fundraiser and “power broker”, Nate Morris, the CEO of Rubicon Global, a waste and recycling service firm was named to Fortune’s top 40 “most powerful, influential, important people in business under 40.” Making Fortune’s list with giants in the tech sector like Mark Zuckerberg is Kentuckian Morris whom Pure Politics highlighted as a possible political contender in the state. “We just got the news this morning and I feel incredibly grateful. And obviously its a reflection on all... Read more 

NBC News Chief Political Correspondent Chuck Todd boils down Senate race for Ky. Chamber crowd

07/21/2014 10:06 PM

LOUISVILLE — NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd told a group of business executives and Kentucky government leaders that the 2014 U.S. Senate race is already having an impact on the country even before the election is in the books. Todd said the easy part of the campaign will be explaining the strategy and storylines Republican U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell or Democratic Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes will use to win election, the hard part is which... Read more 

Former Ky. Democratic operative using Ky. campaign tactics in Kansas governor's race

07/17/2014 08:14 AM

Jason Perkey cut his teeth in politics working campaigns in the Bluegrass and now the Louisville, Kentucky native is applying the lessons he learned from his time in the state to the Kansas governor’s race. Perkey, who is the executive director for the Kansas Democratic Party, is applying a strategy first implemented in the 2011 re-election campaign of Governor Steve Beshear in Kentucky. Democrats in Kansas launched a secretive mass endorsement of high profile former and elected Republican officials which has... Read more 

Morehead State University is doing more with less -- including space science curriculum

06/18/2014 07:52 AM

Morehead State University shares a similar story with the rest of Kentucky colleges and universities — budget cut backs have forced the school to trim the fat from their budgets, but university president Wayne Andrews says they’ve done it all while still offering cutting edge classes. Andrews has been president of Morehead State University since January 1, 2005. His nine years as president places him third on the list of longest tenured univiersity presidents in the Commonwealth trailing only Gary... Read more 

KY Journalism Hall of Fame induction has political flavor with Hunter S. Thompson, Mark Hebert in class

04/29/2014 06:17 PM

LEXINGTON — The rich political heritage of Kentucky has done more than produce interesting political characters the state has nurtured some influential political journalists. On Tuesday, the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame inducted seven new members to their group of fewer than 200 journalists including two political reporters — Hunter S. Thompson and former WHAS-TV reporter Mark Hebert. Thompson, a Louisville native, is best known for his own form of first person participatory “Gonzo” journalism. It is perhaps fitting... Read more 

Signature Industry: Bourbon renaissance bringing economic growth to Kentucky

06/07/2013 12:25 PM

Kentucky bourbon distillers are seeing a renaissance of the industry both in the United States and overseas, and as the product grows so do the distilleries and the jobs that come with it. Bourbon distilling creates more than 9,000 jobs in the Commonwealth, and the taxes incurred on the industry generate $6 million in local and state tax revenue. With the advent of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail tourism is ever increasing attracting millions of visits in the last five years, and... Read more 

Signature Industry: Ky Bourbon booming, but distillers say high taxes and product shortages hamper growth

06/05/2013 06:10 PM

The Kentucky bourbon industry is the only industry in Kentucky that did a phenomenal thing during the economic downturn – it grew- but distillers say they still face obstacles. In 2012 distilleries put back more than 1-million barrels of bourbon to age in Kentucky. Those barrels have to age several years to become bourbon, and in the mean time distillers have to pay Kentucky taxes on the barrel every year that it sits in the Commonwealth. But it was an unexpected resurgence... Read more 

Former Maker's Mark president says genetically modified corn shouldn't be an issue in bourbon

05/23/2013 11:51 AM

As U.S. farmers increasingly rely on genetically modified crops to boost their yields, that has spawned new questions for makers of finished food products, including America’s official drink that’s distilled here in Kentucky. Bill Samuels Sr., the former President of Maker’s Mark, says genetically modified organisms don’t affect the end product of bourbon even though the liquor must be composed of at least 51 percent corn (and must be aged in new charred white oak barrels). But he said if... Read more 

Tired of Failing: Jefferson Co. school trying new programs, tutoring and teacher training to turn it around

04/17/2013 11:17 AM

Southern High School is among the half dozen persistently struggling high schools in Jefferson County that is trying to dig itself out of years of academic underachieving. But the school, which is in the heart of Okolona, faces a host of external challenges. More than one in 10 students is homeless. And more than 15 percent of families whose children go to the school live below the poverty line. Plus, the school’s population has been ravaged by academic flight, in... Read more 

State retiree says legislators should put on their "man pants" to deal with pension fund and keep promises

08/09/2012 07:55 AM

It’s well-known that Kentucky’s public employee pension system has been underfunded and now faces a total unfunded liability of nearly $30 billion. And perhaps no group is as interested in how Kentucky’s leaders will shore up the system than retirees who have paid their share into the system and now rely on its pension checks. Jim Carroll, a former communications director for the state parks department, is one of the retired state employees who closely monitor the ever developing problems... Read more 


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