4th District Profile: Webb-Edgington's legislative record has cut both ways in her campaign

05/18/2012 07:00 AM

(THIRD IN A SERIES) — Alecia Webb-Edgington has made sure to mention her experience in every campaign speech or interview she’s given since announcing for Congress in December.

A retired police major, Webb-Edgington is also the former director of the state’s homeland security office that doles out federal grant money and in her fifth year as a state lawmaker representing part of the most populous county in the 4th Congressional District. She has landed endorsements from the last two Republican congressman from the 4th District: Jim Bunning, who served from 1987 to 1999, and Geoff Davis, who was elected in 2004 and whose announced retirement opened up the seat.

Four years ago, a resume like Webb-Edgington’s would be a golden ticket to Congress. Not so much these days in which those who have previous government experience are branded career politicians by opponents. Watch Don Weber’s profile of her:

Webb-Edgington’s biggest stumble in the campaign was missing votes in the state House on Thursday March 29, to travel to Washington for meetings and where she collected at least $2,300 in contributions from individuals in the D.C. area, according to
her April 15 report with Federal Election Commission.

The next evening she missed the final House vote on the state budget to appear at a campaign fundraiser in Shelbyville, although she later registered her “No” vote with the House clerk.

That has given her opponents fodder. Gary Moore, the Boone County judge-executive criticized her at the time and a super PAC backing Thomas Massie, the Lewis County judge-executive, has raised that issue in its latest campaign ad.

Still, Webb-Edgington has touted how she has never voted for a bill that contained tax increases. And in the 2012 General Assembly session she took a harder line than previous sessions in voting against spending measures.

On the issues, Webb-Edgington has said the retirement age for Social Security should be raised for future retirees (1:30 of the video below) and expressed skepticism about some plans to revamp Medicare and Social Security, including U.S. Sen. Rand Paul’s proposal for those retirees who have the most money to receive the fewest Medicare and Social Security benefits (2:20). And she has sharply criticized President Barack Obama’s administration for being “dreadful” on foreign policy.

Webb-Edgington also answered questions about her views of government’s role in dealing with illegal drugs and drug addiction in November — before Davis announced his retirement prompting Webb-Edgington and the others to run for Congress.

And for more on the issues, you can watch how the 4th Congressional District Republicans compare on education, philosophy, federal spending and Medicaid in their April 30 debate at Northern Kentucky University and an April 25 forum in Oldham County.

(Throughout the week, Pure Politics is airing profiles of the candidates running for Congress in Northern Kentucky’s 4th District for the open seat being vacated by Congressman Geoff Davis. The candidates include Webb-Edgington, Marcus Carey ,“Tom Wurtz”:http://mycn2.com/politics/4th-district-profile-tom-wurtz-spreads-unique-views-of-shrinking-government-one-click-at-a-time , Brian Oerther, Gary Moore, Walt Schumm and Thomas Massie, as well as a profile of the Democratic primary between Bill Adkins and Greg Frank.)


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