4th District Profile: Walt Schumm banks on one region to help him break from 'middle of the pack'

05/18/2012 05:08 PM

(SIXTH IN A SERIES) — If there is such a thing as a regional candidate in the 4th Congressional District Republican primary, it’s Walt Schumm.

Schumm, an Oldham County home developer, began focusing his message a month ago on pledging to bring back more federal resources to the area around Louisville in the 4th District, including Oldham, Shelby, northern Spencer County and eastern Jefferson County. Schumm says that region often plays second fiddle to the “big three” counties of Boone, Kenton and Campbell in Northern Kentucky.

Such a strategy almost seems novel in a time when earmarks have been stopped and “pork” is a four letter word. But Schumm said federal money for roads and infrastructure is necessary for a vibrant growing regional economy.

And after raising about $40,000 and adding $10,000 of his own money, Schumm has enough resources to air several ads on cable in the Louisville market, naturally.

Nick Storm profiled Schumm, who handicapped his chances of winning the seven-candidate primary as being capable of breaking from the “middle of the pack”:

Schumm is listed as a board member or director of nine different companies including building and development firms and investment companies. He’s been a member of the Oldham County School Board since being elected in 2002.

His wife, Jean, helped found a non-profit organization, Operation: Parent, Inc., aimed at educating parents of teens and pre-teens.

Schumm has largely stayed out of the back-and-forth between the three perceived front-runners, Thomas Massie, Alecia Webb-Edgington and Gary Moore.

As an Oldham County School board member, Schumm voted against the 2010 school budget because it included $2 million federal in federal grants and Schumm said he was concerned about strings attached to that money. In that interview, he also discussed his position on Medicare and his political background, which includes giving money to the campaign of Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear.

In this interview segment, recorded in late March, Schumm also said he would like to see the U.S. Department of Education “shrunk incredibly” (2:30) and answered questions about the federal government’s role in fighting drugs. (0:30)

For more on the issues, you can watch how the 4th Congressional District Republicans compare on education, philosophy, federal spending and Medicaid in their April 30 debate at Northern Kentucky University and an April 25 forum in Oldham County.

(Throughout the week, Pure Politics is airing profiles of the candidates running for Congress in Northern Kentucky’s 4th District for the open seat being vacated by Congressman Geoff Davis. The candidates include Schumm, Gary Moore , Brian Oerther , Alecia Webb-Edgington , Marcus Carey ,“Tom Wurtz”:http://mycn2.com/politics/4th-district-profile-tom-wurtz-spreads-unique-views-of-shrinking-government-one-click-at-a-time and Thomas Massie, as well as a profile of the Democratic primary between Bill Adkins and Greg Frank.)


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