4th District Profile: Tom Wurtz spreads unique views of shrinking government one click at a time

05/17/2012 04:45 PM

(FIRST IN A SERIES) — Tom Wurtz isn’t one of the candidates who has raised six figures in the Republican primary for the 4th Congressional District. In fact, he’s not raising a dime. And he’s not trying to convince people to vote for him with ads or sound bites. Instead, he just wants people to read his web site.

Wurtz, a 56-year-old business consultant from Fort Mitchell, is on a crusade against what he calls the “uneducated electorate” after having his own political awakening two years ago. And he has some unorthodox views: ditch Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security for those under 45 and give them their money back plus an apology note.

As Don Weber reports in his profile of Wurtz, he views the U.S. Constitution as gospel and believes above all the federal government needs to get out of the way.

Wurtz is one of seven Republicans seeking the GOP nomination on May 22 to replace four-term Republican Congressman Geoff Davis.

In a web-extra interview segment taped in March, Wurtz explained why he thinks the next congressman to take over for Davis should “go further” in complying with the Constitution. (0:20)

“I said, ‘Geoff Davis should not replace Geoff Davis in Congress,’” he said, calling some of what Congress does “tinkering around the edges.”

Wurtz has advocated for the government getting out of Medicaid and Social Security. “If we just gave the money back that we’ve confiscated,” he said.

And he explained what he’d want to see in the federal tax policy. (3:30 of the interview)

You also view Wurtz’s previous interview from March in which he discusses which programs and projects the federal government should pay for and check out Wurtz’s voting participation record

And for more on the issues, you can see how the 4th Congressional District Republicans compare on education, philosophy, federal spending and Medicaid in their April 30 debate at Northern Kentucky University and an April 25 forum in Oldham County.

(Throughout the week, Pure Politics is airing profiles of the candidates running for Congress in Northern Kentucky’s 4th District: Wurtz, Marcus Carey, Brian Oerther, Alecia Webb-Edgington, Gary Moore, Walt Schumm and Thomas Massie, as well as a profile of the Democratic primary between Bill Adkins and Greg Frank.)


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