4th District Profile: Seeking contrast, Gary Moore argues social issues are key in primary

05/18/2012 01:23 PM

(FIFTH IN A SERIES) — More than the other six candidates in the 4th Congressional District GOP primary, Gary Moore has sought to tout his positions on social issues, particularly against abortion and gay marriage.

Moore has been the Boone County judge-executive since 1999 and his socially conservative positions over those 14 years helped him win the endorsement of Northern Kentucky Right to Life over Alecia Webb-Edgington, who had an equal record on abortion — just a shorter tenure in government, the group said.

Meanwhile, Moore has pressed another rival, and fellow judge-executive, Thomas Massie for changing his position on abortion on his campaign website. Moore has cited an early version of the site that said Massie believed abortion laws should be decided on a state-by-state basis. Massie has responded by putting the pressure on Moore over fiscal issues (see below), which he is banking on being at the forefront of most voters’ minds on Tuesday.

That’s not to say Moore hasn’t talked about financial issues. He issued a “jobs plan” this week that outlines details of his platform. As for his background, Moore points to his more than 30 years working in business as a defense for two pieces of criticism. Watch Don Weber’s profile:

Just six weeks ago, Moore declared himself the front-runner in the seven candidate GOP primary to replace retiring Congressman Geoff Davis.

Since then, he’s found himself tangling with Massie and most recently a libertarian-leaning super PAC that’s backing Massie. Issues have included $147 Moore billed to the county for several meals while attending a National Association of Counties Conference in Hawaii in 2005 and a Boone County parks tax proposal Moore supported in 2008. (The tax proposal was put on the ballot and defeated, and the Americans for Tax Reform group ruled this spring that it was a revenue neutral proposal because it included lowering other fees).

Moore has fired back with ad that criticizes Massie for allowing part of the county’s budget that covers jail funding to go up by 38 percent, even if total spending for the county dropped. Moore also has repeatedly pointed to Lewis County’s unemployment rate of 13.6 percent, which is the highest in the 4th District. But he also touted how Boone County has the lowest unemployment rate in the district, even though it’s 7.8 percent rate is actually fourth behind Oldham County (6.7%), Shelby (6.9%) and Boyd (7.7%), according to the Kentucky Office of Workforce and Development.

And while Moore said he believes in smaller government on fiscal issues, government has a role in protecting “the moral fiber of the country.” Watch that interview from last week:

For more on the issues, you can watch how the 4th Congressional District Republicans compare on education, philosophy, federal spending and Medicaid in their April 30 debate at Northern Kentucky University and an April 25 forum in Oldham County.

(Throughout the week, Pure Politics is airing profiles of the candidates running for Congress in Northern Kentucky’s 4th District for the open seat being vacated by Congressman Geoff Davis. The candidates include Moore, Brian Oerther , Alecia Webb-Edgington , Marcus Carey ,“Tom Wurtz”:http://mycn2.com/politics/4th-district-profile-tom-wurtz-spreads-unique-views-of-shrinking-government-one-click-at-a-time , Walt Schumm and Thomas Massie, as well as a profile of the Democratic primary between Bill Adkins and Greg Frank.)

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  • Concerned Woman for America wrote on May 23, 2012 01:30 AM :

    Massie certainly believes that states should restrict abortions until Roe v. Wade can be overturned, or we can get a constitutional amendment against abortion. What is wrong with this position? It only makes sense. Anyone who believes that we can make headway against baby murder by waiting on the POTUS or the highest court, doesn’t understand the issue at all.

    Massie has never danced around the issue, as Gary Moore and this slanted article suggest. Gary tried those tactics at one of the Boone Co. debates, and got booed big time. Then Massie re-stated the above to thunderous applause. Unfortunately, the booing went unreported.

    The fact is that every GOP candidate in this race is pro-life (although abortificants have been funded under Gary’s admin.; he is responsible for appointments to the Health Board on which his cousin Charles Kenner sits).

    Although, once again, Massie is 100% pro-life, if he held the opinion Gary is insinuating, he wouldn’t have been stupid enough to publish it. Nobody can be a viable candidate by taking a soft-stance on the issue.

    I do have to say that, as an abortion opponent, and one who believes that sodomy is sickening, both of these issues would be better off left to the states, because the Supreme Court is unpredictable, and once they issue a ruling, it becomes the law of the land. If abortion had been a states’rights issue, it would have already been completely outlawed in many states, but as it is, they have to create loopholes-so as not to ban it altogether—in compliance with court rulings.

    Most issues are better off left to states because only then can voters hold elected officials accountable. They do a poor enough job at that (indifferent and uneducated voters make it hard on the rest of us), but at least we have recourse that way.

    Please do not continue smearing Massie. Every one of us should be proud to have him represent us. Gary Moore is a snake, and if he had treated his constituents right instead of selling them down the river, he could still be enjoying high approval. But he’s personally hurt too many average people, and now he can’t be trusted.

    I’ve had enough of politicians trying to win by lying on their opponents’ abortion positions. Trey tried this, and it didn’t work. (And lost his endorsement from Dr. James Dobson.) Moore doesn’t learn very fast. And now he has to deal with those of us he slammed along with Massie. His days are numbered.

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