4th District Profile: By the way, there are two Democrats running in primary

05/20/2012 08:12 PM

(EIGHTH IN A SERIES) — The seven Republicans running for that party’s nomination in the 4th Congressional District have dominated the media attention … and raised most of the money … and have clogged the Northern Kentucky airwaves with ads in this spring’s primary election.

But two Democrats from Grant County are running in a much lower key primary for the nomination in the November election. It’s a tall task, considering that the Northern Kentucky district that spans 16 counties and parts of four others has become more Republican after the legislature redrew the six congressional districts’ lines to even out their populations.

Bill Adkins is a Williamstown attorney and has served as chairman of the Grant County Democratic Party. He has been a frequent writer of letters to the editor to the Lexington Herald-Leader and has been known to call into KET’s ‘Kentucky Tonight’ to criticize the tea party movement.

Greg Frank is a motel owner from Corinth who says he finds himself agreeing with many principles pushed by the tea party. However, he said he doesn’t agree that government doesn’t have a watchdog role in capitalism.

“I believe that corporations should be regulated,” he said. “I do not believe in letting the wolves and the foxes, bears and bulls have the keys to the hen house.”

Watch senior reporter Don Weber’s profile the two Democratic candidates:

Adkins’ time in front of a lawyer that he mentioned in the profile was a reference to filing for bankruptcy protection in 2009. He said he ran into debt problems after his wife, a mortgage broker, was diagnosed with cancer. The medical bills mounted up and her business ran into problems, he said.

A native of Whitesburg, he is president of the local bar association and treasurer of the Grant County Bar Association Library.

Adkins has raised about $19,000 in the election, according to the most recent federal campaign finance reports. Frank, meanwhile, hasn’t raised more than The $5,000 threshold to file a campaign finance report with the FEC.

Frank, who grew up in Independence, owns the Fountain Inn in Williamstown and Cardinal Motel in Daytona Beach, Fla.

He self-published a book this year called “Common Sense II: Death of Democracy” and called it a sequel to Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense.”

- Reporting by Don Weber


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