4th District candidates lash out at Texas-based libertarian-leaning Super PAC

05/10/2012 05:14 PM

Two 4th Congressional District candidates are publicly criticizing the Liberty for All Super PAC that has carpet bombed the airwaves with ads for their rival, Thomas Massie.

Alecia Webb-Edgington and Gary Moore both raised the issue during their speeches at the Kenton County Republican Spring Fling on Wednesday — the same night the Liberty for All Super PAC began airing its first ad on Massie’s behalf as part of a $541,000 ad blitz in Louisville and Northern Kentucky.

The group was founded in Texas by John Ramsey, a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. Ramsey, who is listed as a “student” on Federal Election Commission campaign reports, started the organization with donations of six figures of his own money. And the group has described itself as being libertarian-leaning and interested in backing candidates with similar philosophies regardless of parties.

Webb-Edgington, a state representative from Fort Wright, said 4th District Republican voters shouldn’t be told what to do by a Texas-based group that wants to “score a win for the Ron Paul movement”

“It’s a shame this young man is going to waste so much of his family’s hard earned money,” she said, adding that voters will send Ramsey “back to Texas empty handed.”

Like Webb-Edgington, Moore said the Liberty for All Super PAC was “trying to buy this election.”

He referred to Preston Bates, the executive director of the Super PAC, as a “Democrat from Louisville.” Bates co-founded the University of Louisville Students for Liberty group but initially began his political work as a Democrat.

By Thursday evening, 4th Congressional District Republican Chairman Kevin Sell issued a statement to raise his concerns that the group has a more libertarian philosophy. Sell highlighted the Libertarian Party’s principles, such as: “We favor the repeal of all laws creating crimes without victims, such as the use of drugs for medical or recreational purposes” and “Government does not have the authority to define, license, or restrict personal relationships”.

“This seat has been recently held by two great Americans: Jim Bunning and Geoff Davis. Neither of these fine men were libertarians. If the libertarians want this seat, they should have someone run as a libertarian,” Sell said. “We are the Republican Party and we have our primary election on May 22. We are for lower taxes, less government, free enterprise, and the protection of our second amendment rights.”

Ramsey talked about what the group looks for in a candidate during an interview this week with Pure Politics.

- With reporting and video from Covington by Don Weber


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