3rd District: U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth defeats Todd Lally

11/02/2010 05:09 PM

Emory Williamson at the Lally HQ 9:31 p.m.:The festivities have finished here at the Galt House. Despite some local defeats, many in the crowd remain positive about other Republicans winning across the nation. Quite the emotional evening.

Here’s the video of Lally’s concession speech:

Emory Williamson at the Lally HQ 9:22 p.m.: Todd Lally comes to stage a little after 9. He receives a long applause from the ballroom audience here at the Galt House.

“We may have lost this battle but we haven’t lost the war,” Lally said. “All across America as the polls close the Republicans are gonna close in on that magical number 39. Tonight Nancy Pelosi is going to retire.”

The applause after the Pelosi comment was pretty impressive. Almost startling.

“This has been a phenomenal year,” Lally said. “I saw my hometown in a whole different light.”

Crowd began chanting “Lally!” during his speech.

“At least people know now, we have exposed the true John Yarmuth,” Lally said.

He thanked Yarmuth for running a clean campaign.

Emory Williamson at the Lally HQ 8:56 p.m.: State Sen. Dan “Malano” Seum, who claimed victory for District 38 in Jefferson County, said he wants to keep Kentucky Republicans in control of the State Senate.

Sen. Seum also provided the audience with updates from across the state — basically just more good news for the Republicans. State Sen. Julie Denton claimed victory of District 36 in Jefferson County. “Tonight is a great night to be a Republican,” Denton said. “It’s gonna be a great year for us and it’s our night.” Kentucky Representative Ron Crimm, who claimed victory in House District 33, was hopeful for tonight’s results and for the future.

“I’ve been here for many years when we didn’t have anything to cheer about,” he said. “But now we do.” It should be noted that all of the victorious state representatives were introduced with Jefferson Starship’s hit “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.” The crowd is growing and, to the chagrin of Democrats, finding numerous reasons to smile tonight.

Emory Williamson at the Lally HQ 8:48 p.m.: Victories across the state for Republicans — the vibe in the ballroom keeps building.

No sighting of Todd Lally, who projected locally, has lost in his bid for the Third District congressional seat to John Yarmuth. Earlier in the night Lally told cn|2 Politics he was still holding out hope even as early returns showed him behind:

Keeping tabs on the number of people at the event tonight has proved to be an arduous task.

Upwards of 450-500 people. If only we had hired an official counter for tonight.

Feelings in the room about changes needed in local, state and federal government vary, but contain a few key similarities: smaller government, less spending, instilling more conservative values among social issues.

Jenny McLendon at Yarmuth HQ 8:37 p.m.: Yarmuth victory speech from podium: “When I say this is a bittersweet night for me, the expression of confidence the community has given is so satisfying, but it’s clear we have a country that’s fiercely divided, that in many cases has succumbed to crazy rhetoric and basically a sense that reality and facts don’t matter. I remain committed to a reality-based government. I almost wish there were another podium here tonight, because I feel like Nancy Pelosi has been in this campaign the whole time. And Nancy ought to take a victory lap with me. And maybe President Obama as well. The disservice and disrespect that has been levelled on them has been so outrageous and so unjustified that it makes me really fear for this country. When you have two people who work every day to make life better for every American and they put up with the nonsense…. it’s not only unjustified, it’s un-American. I voted with Nancy Pelosi a lot of the time. And let me tell you what we did together. We have guaranteed for the first time that every American have access to affordable health care. Tens of thousands of people die every year because they don’t have access to health care, and that’s not going to happen any more. We have for the first time passed regulations against credit card issuers to keep them from abusing ordinary citizens and taking advantage of them. We made sure with financial reform that the big Wall Street bankers can’t gamble with America’s future just because they want to make $50 million a piece rather than $40 million a piece. We took steps at least in the House to create a new energy economy that doesn’t rely on things that poison our atmosphere or on chopping tops off mountains in Kentucky and West Virginia. Actually, and no Republican will tell you this, relies on cap and trade, which Ronald Reagan promoted. Mitch McConnell, as you know, just the past couple of weeks said his number one priority is to make sure Obama is not re-elected in 2012. Not to create jobs… to make sure we don’t have 1 out of 4 kids living in poverty… that’s what his priority is. If it’s true that Conway is not Senator, I hope Rand Paul does not share Mitch McConnell’s stance on that. Jack Conway is a good friend of mine which many of you know… the consolation remains a very productive, effective attorney general of KY. We face an interesting couple years. As I’ve said before, this has been an extremely weird political year – yesterday Jim Bunning predicted I would win. But you can be sure of one thing, and that is that I will remain a tireless, passionate voice for making this country a country that works for everybody and not just the privileged few, that values everybody… that values our seniors, our teachers, our veterans, our kids and takes care of the least among us. The Democratic party is one of values and very American values, and whether it’s making sure that women are not discriminated in the workplace in any way, that gays and lesbians are full citizens of this country in every respect, and that every person regardless of their ethnicity, race… is regarded by everyone else as an American. Whether or not we’re in the majority or minority when we return to Congress, my voice will still be strong. And I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to keep that voice in the halls of Congress.”

Emory Williamson at the Lally HQ 8:32 p.m.: Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw is the first speaker tonight. She congratulated Rand Paul, Todd Lally and “Mayor” Hal Heiner.

“What a great night for Republicans across the country,” she said to a cheering crowd in the ballroom. “God bless America and God bless everyone in this room tonight.”

As far as mechanics in the room tonight, a few problems with the sound from the stage microphone — poor feedback. I don’t think people in the crowd minded too much. Also, country music blared following Holsclaw’s speech. We’re in Louisville, right?

Emory Williamson at the Lally HQ 8:28 p.m.: Many Galt House guests gather around small televisions along the sides of the ballroom. Small roars of applause spontaneously explode when favorable news comes in.

The buzz is growing in the ballroom as many eagerly wait for news on local and national candidates.

Upwards of 300-plus people have now filled the ballroom.

Will the ballroom buzz be depleted upon defeats? Yes, but many guests remain optimistic about other races across the country.
The giant television announced Rand Paul the projected winner in Kentucky, and yet again, the crowd erupted in applause.
However, despite Paul’s victory, the U.S. Senate seat sees no changes yet as Paul replaces Republican Sen. Jim Bunning.

U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth has won a third term, turning back a challenge from Republican Todd Lally.

With 55% of the precincts in the 3rd Congressional District reporting, Yarmuth leads 104,567 to Lally’s 83,913.

7:59p.m.: Associated Press declares John Yarmuth the winner of Kentucky’s 3rd District Race.

Emory Williamson at the Lally HQ 7:54 p.m.: Rand Paul’s projected victory has generated quite the ballroom buzz.

Paul, a Tea Party bellwether and son of former presidential candidate Ron Paul, has garnered much support locally despite recent incidents such as the head-stomping in Lexington.

Mary Sammons and Dave Tilford, both local supporters of Paul, believe Paul’s victory simply foreshadows additional victories for other Republican candidates across America tonight.

Tilford, mayor of Woodland Hills in eastern Jefferson County, believes Paul and other Republican newcomers will implement quality change in America’s political system.

Sammons, who didn’t hear about Paul’s victory until 20 minutes after the fact, said she is hopeful incoming Republican candidates will ensure less spending and will be more geared toward halting many of President Barack Obama’s policies, such as health care.

Will Mapes 7:42 p.m.: With 242 out of 515 precincts reporting, Democrat  John Yarmuth leads Republican Todd Lally 54% to 45%

Emory Williamson at the Lally HQ 7:11 p.m.: Supporting signs on stage include: Todd Lally, Hal Heiner, Rand Paul, Dan Seum, Wade Hurt, Julie Raque Adams, Ron Crimm, Nathan Haney, Brian Simpson, Corey Koellner, Julie Rose Denton and Mike Roberts.

Guests are entering the ballroom by the dozens it seems. However, the crowd seems to lack diversity.
Bluntly, many in the crowd look like the two key figures they’re supporting tonight: Todd Lally and Hal Heiner

Guests in the Galt Room crowd began a thunderous applause as Fox News reported Rand Paul was the winner tonight against Kentucky Attorney General and Democrat Jack Conway.

Emory Williamson at the Lally HQ 6:57 p.m.: Guests keep pouring into the ballroom. Well over 100 in attendance. There’s a lone big screen television in the ballroom and it’s on Fox News.

Regarding the featured television station, I’m sure supporters and naysayers will have their opinions regarding that choice for this event. The crowd is lively, yet content. The groans, cheers and jeers should be plentiful in the coming hours. A gloomy black sign adorns the front main stage and simply reads: REPEAL YARMUTH 11-2-2010 I guess local Republicans have an agenda tonight…

Emory Williamson at the Lally HQ 6:31 p.m.: Lally told me he’s confident for the results to favor he and his fellow Republican colleagues across the country.

Emory Williamson at the Lally HQ 6:28 p.m.: Todd Lally was the first candidate to arrive in the ballroom at the Galt House. The 22-year military veteran who faces Congressman John Yarmuth looks composed and confident.

Emory Williamson at the Lally HQ 6:26 p.m.: One interesting item organizers are handing out here in the ballroom: bright orange-colored stickers with bold, white print that concisely states: FIRE PELOSI.

Emory Williamson at the Lally HQ 6:24 p.m.: Hi I’m Emory Williamson and I’ll be blogging live here at the Galt House tonight. The vibe is beginning to pick up here as Republican politicians and supports pour into the Archibald Ballroom.

He is going for his third term against Republican Todd Lally, a UPS pilot.

A lot has been made of the polls in this race. Our cn|2 Poll from two weeks agoshowed Yarmuth with 58% of support and a 26-point lead over Lally. SurveyUSA showed it as a four point race with Yarmuth ahead.

Through mid-October, Yarmuth had outspent Lally by $90,000 on TV ads through mid-October, $240,000 to nearly $150,000.
Yarmuth defeated former Congresswoman Anne Northup by nearly 19 points two years ago.


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